hi all

how many we got for twickers ? do we no yet can any one tell me plzzzzzzzzzz if i get the train to kings cross from leeds how then would i get to the popes grotto how much would it be in taxi or will i have to get anoter train ? i cant wait to come down n see you all love debi xxxx :lol:

Hi sweetie
I’m definitely coming :smiley: A taxi will cost you a bomb from Kings Cross that is unless you have a sugar daddy you’re not telling us about :wink: so you will need to get another train and then a taxi not sure which of the stations is nearer to The Popes Grotto will find out and let you know.

Looking forward to a catch up hun :lol: Did you say you were coming down on the Friday ? If so I’ll try and link up with you then xxx

yes be there on the friday cant wait lol sugar daddy any offers ??? hellllllllllllllllloooooooooo :lol:

ha ha yes im starting to save my points from now i have no sense of direction at all i just follow the cocktails :lol: yes plz hun if you can find out r you staying at the grotto ? love debi x