twickers friday/saturday 13th /14th june

hi all

well bit fed up at the mo lot on my mind i have booked and paid to go to the twickers meet this wk end to now get the jist its not goin a head ive rang n left a message for julia with no reply as yet ? ive paid for my train fare and the hotel i mainly really wanted to meet as it was something previous that marion organized i feel a little sad :cry: and just hope peps who live local will meet up for lunch with myself and my friend on the day i will be at the popes grotto hotel from about 3pm friday if any 1 would like to meet up and have a few cocktails or 10 then feel free to tx or call me 07749120635 love debi xxx

hello debi

no it looks like ur on ur own in twickers this wk end well not actually on ur own ur friend michelle from leeds is with you and hopfully dee will be there so wont be a trip totally for nothing id only be sat in my bedroom all doom n gloom so maybe this the motivation i need pitty more couldnt join i will tell u all about it when i get bacl lol (yes i have lost the plot ) debi x

Back on PC today properly

struggling with my own issues and feeling let down by twickers not happening
I did post regularly as did others

So many said they would come but at the end of the day only 8 commitments made
I mentioned your committment debi in my posts- dont think people really believed me or appreciated how far you where coming.

for me this will probably be my last post
not really support for me here anymore
I tried giving back some off what I had recieved but obviously not good enough

love and peace

ooh jules

plz dont feel like that i was very gratful for all you have done and i feel little dissapointed too but if we let the little things get to us then wot chance do we have when its a biggie im goin to make the most of my wk end and its somewhere new for me to have gone on the map ive never been b4 xxxx chin up hun ive also texed you u have given me lots of good advice and been a rock so plz dont let you be put off i no how you feel when you say about the support for you as ive not been on jos for some time either i wil keep in touch and hope you will reply to me much love to you too j ur a star xxxx love debi x