Twickers 14th June 2008

Hello everyone

JUne 14th came out favourite with only 1 person opting for 7th-sorry.
I found out that Marion managed to organise the day for £15 per head so I will try my best to do the same.

If you are coming could you please email or pm me and i will give you my address please say if you wish to pay by check or bank transfer.

I know this is a while of yet but I also need to pay a deposit before we turn up.

I have given the hotel my card details now, they only use it if we do not turn up!!!

This is also posted in the main forum
love and peace

hi julia

i will defo be there is any one goin to be stayin over if so any thing affordable local or popes grotto ? can you let me no please and witch station would be the most local from leeds etc

love debi x

hi me again

just letin you no i have booked the popes grotto for the 13th june so least i will be there on the 14th without been late etc is any one else stayin the 13th would be nice to meet up for a meal and a drink just need to arrange my travel now i really cant wait xxxx

love debi x