tunnel clusters... could they be the answer?

Just been browsing the web regarding cgin, as was told possible cgin discovery at colposcopy high grade back in march and every now and again try to reassure myself I am fine. Really being because my biopsy came back normal and didnt know why until maybe now. I came across a downloadable document so had a good read.

Ever since having an abnormal smear result in jan ive always wondered whether it was because I suffered a miscarriage back in september and underwent a d&c . Reading this article may have confirmed my suspicions :-)

Being told at my colposcopy the dr did see a change in my cells and a large number of clustered cells within my endocervical canal, high grade possible cgin and would need treatment under ga. But after biopsy results. They came back ok, so reviewed under mdt as conflicting, Appt now booked for 24thjun for repeat smear/colposcopy. 

So I found a part of the article mentioning Tunnel Clusters (knowing she mentioned clusters thought could be me) to see they are benign, relatively rare endocervical lesions that can occur in pregnant women (sounding pretty good so far :D) and that malignancy or adenocarcinoma maybe considered because of thier apperance and that it isn't a problem once they are known. I have been pregnant 5 times, 3 of which ending in misscarriage and 2 needed medical management :(

Haven't felt so much relief knowing this could be the reason for all this uncertainty, will be telephoning my colposcopy unit tomorrow to see if this could be the case :D

Wish me luck ladies xx

Otherwise it is just the waiting game :-/ xx