tumoral marker: question from an italian lady

ciao to everyone, I'm writing from Italy and like you I have a story to share with you. first of all, sorry for my english, I'll try to do my best. I found this site after a deep investigation in internet and I have to say thank you to the persons that created it, in Italy there isn't a place where you can really share this kind of experience and have a concrete support.
I'd like share my experience with you, to better understand and comparise the follow up in different countries and learn more about it.

this is my story:
dec 13: radical hysterectomy with Robot Da VInci (laparoscopic)
results: squamous cell cancer, 1B1 (min stromal invasion 7mm, min stroma clear 11mm, max extention 15mm), LSVI present, margin and lynpho nodes (29) clear, ovaries kept.
no other therapies, only controls.
as for the folloy up: visit and tumoral markers (CEA, CA 19.9, CA 15-3, CA125, SCC) every 3 month, abdominal + pelvis scan after 6 months, CAT once a year.

As I've seen in the forum that the tumoral markers are not mentioned, I'd like to ask you if anyone as experience on this topic. do yo uknow how is the effective value of these exams? after the surgey my scc was 1.3 now is 1.9 and the range is 0-1.5. the others markers are regulars.
this evidence created a lot of confusion and stress, so i'd like to konw if anyone can help me in better understanding ther use.

thanks in advance

Hello Elena.  You are correct, tumoral markers are not mentioned anywhere on this site.  This is the first time I have heard of this and I am not certain  what they mean but it's obvious that they are a measure of something.  I'm sorry I am not any help.  I suggest you go to your doctor and ask them to explain this to you.  

If you come to understand what this means, maybe you will come back on this website and let the ladies here know what you find out?