TTC -how long to wait?


I’m hoping that some one can shed some light on this for me! 

I had a smear about a month ago, completely forget about it and then had a phone call from hospital to ask whether I could come in the next day to the clinic. I spoke with the consultant, who explained that i had high grade changes. He also noted that I was trying to conceive and that I had a miscarriage last year. He advised that I would be unable to conceive for 9 months following treatment but he would reduce down to 6 based on my age (I’m 40). He also said based on my age it would be difficult to conceive and I should look at other options such as ivf. 

I’m now awaiting the results from my biospy, and his follow up letter states that I need treatment but had no subsequent communication as to what that would be. 

Is it the norm to wait 6-9 months after treatment to start TTC? Obviously With my age time is not on my side!

Thank you