TTC after treatment for microinvasive cancer

Hi all, 

This is my first post - I have found this forum to be so helpful over the past few months!

After years of CIN 1 colposcopy results, my cells changed to CIN 3 last year. I had a further biopsy taken and was told that they also found a small area of microinvasive cancer. I underwent a LLETZ treatment in Oct 2020 to remove this but as margins were not clear afterwards I then underwent a NETZ treatment on Jan 5th 2021 (this is like a LLETZ but with a straight needle for more precision). My results have just come back as CIN 1 margins and my doctor is happy with that - I am scheduled for follow up in July.


I have planned to TTC early this year (my doctor had actually agreed to remove my coil for me 6 weeks post surgery). I spoke to a nurse today who said they would usually advise waiting 6 months after treatment. I know 6 months isn't such a big deal but I am desperate to start trying - I had put it off due to what was going on already & am now scared that it will come to July and I may need to push it back again.


Has anyone had any similar experience? Will my cervix be healed enough within the next couple of months to start trying or am I taking too much of a risk? Any advice would be much appreciated! 

Hey ko89

I didn't want to read and run. Unfortunately, I can't give you the advice you need but I hope someone will come along with a similar experience that can answer your question. 

Best wishes

Hi ko89,

My journey sounds very similar to yours, however I'm currently waiting for my second lletz to remove the remaining cin3 left after my first lletz. Unfortunately a small amount of cancer was found following my first procedure. Like you, I was just about to TTC when this happened. Although, I already have children so I'm now thinking of changing my plans and seeing my family as complete. We've even talked about adoption once everything settles down. My understanding is, once you have the test of cure, if that comes back clear, then you can start TTC. Best to check with your consultant though as they will know your individual circumstances. I wish you every luck in your journey though and I do hope you get the go ahead from the consultant soon to go for a baby.

Good luck! Xx