TTC after LLETZ (pregnancy mentioned)

hi Ladies,

After some advice if possible.  I have recently (18th March) undergone treatment for CIN3. I have been advised that the next step is a smear at Colposcopy unit in 6 Months. 

My husband and I are keen to try for number 2. Would I be best to wait for my follow up smear or start straight away? 

many Thanks


I'm with you on this one! myself and my partner are keen to try for a baby - probably even more so after CIN3 As it was so worrying and made us realise how much we want children. As much as I want to start trying I think I need to wait for my six month check. I'd hate to be pregnant and need treatment again but then I worry I will need treatment again and have missed my opportunity. It's so difficult! Fingers crossed everything will be fine X

Hi both

I am also in the same position. I asked this question at my appointment and they advised us to wait until the 6 month check up.  Although if my results from my LLETZ come back clear I think we are going to let nature decide.

Lolly x

Thanks for your replies Ladies,

It is a difficult decision. Part of me really wants to just go for it now but my sensible side tells me to wait 6 months Until I have my follow up. A month has gone already so the next 5 should go quite quickly!! Fingers crossed!!

Good Luck


Il be waiting until my six month check also! itll fly round

I know this is a really late reply but I would love to know your stories. I'm in this position now. I don't know weather to wait or go for it!