Hi all I'm 31 years of age and my husband is 41 we had our 1st child when I was 21 there were no problems everything was perfect I even managed to work right up untill my waters broke a week early then should of done.

When I was 25 I had my 1st spear test and the test came back that I had adnormal cells so I had the Lletz treatment done.

My husband and I have been trying for a 2nd  baby for 6 months now and still no joy I can't help but think that I'm struggling to conceive this time round because of my treatment even trough everything I have read says that u can still conceive.

Before I had my 1st baby I had a miscarriage then I fell pregnant with my georgeous son I'm worried because I have always fell pregnant pretty quickly,and now I feel like maybe I can't get pregnant 

Does anyone no anything or have any advice It will  be much appreciated 

You could try the pre-seed lubricants, they're suppose to help. I've just started them, a bit of a messy affair but fingers crossed it just helps the swimmers get up there!

Hi I noticed this was in May?was just wondering if you managed to conceive?

I'm in a similar situation but only been trying a month so not given it much time yet x


i noticed this was on may! Did you get pregnant? Im in the same situation and been trying for 5 months!

hugs jen