Trying to start a family after LLETZ treatment

Good evening ladies, I got married 4 weeks ago and we had been trying to start a family. On Wednesday I had LLETZ treatment after having a biopsy that tested possive for CIN3. There was lots to take in, I think the nurse said the doctor would probably advise that I go back on the pill after my first period until the smear in 6 months time... would this be correct or have I mis understood? 

Thank you in advance x


I had my lletz operation yesterday under GA me & my partner want to try for a baby and my consultant advised as I'm on the pill it stops Thursday so he said carry on with the 2nd packet and miss out the 7 day period break as could have bleeding from the op.

Then when my 2nd packet has finished and I've had my full period his happy for my to start trying.

He said if nothing in 6 months when my follow up smear would be due they can look Into something else so see how it goes.

Have you asked your consultant or doctor the question?


Was Intercourse painful for you?

I've tried and can't complete it :(