Trying to see the positives..


I've not been around for a while but it looks like I'm not one of those 9/10 women :(

So had my LLetz last July, results came back as no cancer, clear margins but had progressed to CIN 3.

Just got the results to my 6 month follow up smear, good & less good news...

The smear was clear (yey) but I'm still HPV+. I've been asked back in 6months for "colp. to ensure the HPV resolves"

I'm not sure exactly if that means they think the HPV could still resolve itself now the abnormalities are gone, but I'm also obviously worried that it could progress again in these 6 months...

Here's how I'm trying to process...


clear smear

No progression of abnormalities since July



Treatment did not cure HPV

Could progress & have to go back through the whole shebang (I'm now getting married in Oct so really didn't want it hanging over me)

Loads more waiting


I'm trying to focus on the idea that there is currently NOTHING "wrong" I'm just at a higher risk and am being monitored" but remembering that is hard! I just keep feeling so deflated that this isn't over...

Anyway, just wanted to empty my head :)



Hi there. Your situation is so similar to mine! I had a lletz performed last January for cin 1 and 2. At my six month check up last September, my smear was normal but I tested positive for hpv. So back I go next month :(

Like you, I feel fortunate it's not worse, but I'm gutted it's still hanging over my head. I am also getting married this year - in august - and this should be my amazing year, yet I can't quite relax because of this!

I have also listed pros and cons. It does help a bit, and on a good day I feel hopeful about it. On a bad day...well, it still has the potential to keep me awake at night.

I think all we can do is be positive (but not hpv positive!!) and appreciate our luck in being so closely monitored. There are no certainties in this life I guess.

Please pm me if you'd like to talk more, sounds like we are going through the same sort of thing! 

Charlotte xx