Trying to conceive after radical tracelectomy

Hello people


Wondering if you could help or give me ideas or stories.

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 25 after my 1st smear test in 2012, i under went several surgeries and then had a radical tracelectomy to reserve my fertility.

I then got the all clear january 2013, had regular checks colposcopys smears and so far so good.

I reached my 5 year remisission mark this year yayyyy.

However i am newly married (1year) And been really trying properly for almost 18 months without any luck.

I had a little procedure December 2016 to check all my tubes and what not where clear and blockage and results all good.

I keep being told to keep at it as nothing's stopping us, yet nothing is happening i have now braught pressed to see if this helps at all.

I am 31 and so desperate for a baby and being told im ok I can't see why we not.

Would love to know how long if when people conceived after having a tracelectomy.

I also have the stitch in place incase i full pregnant.

Thanks ladies thoughts views ideas all welcome x x x  



there are mixed stories on here. Some fall straight away and others have trouble. I assume your opening is all ok? Someone on here told me that although they go periods their opening had scar tissue and once removed they fell pregnant!

before my trach I fell pregnant easily, one Baby and several miscarriages. I’ve now been trying for 6 months and nothing! Although I’m 38 now so my eggs are probably poor quality which might be why. 

As you’re young enough and don’t have a baby you will most likely qualify for treatment on NHS so start pushing for help. Sadly because of my age and having one baby I’ll need to find a few thousand pounds for treatment.


kepp your chin up but take control and just keep going back to the gp for referrals and treatment.


Good Luck. X