Trying to be positive

Hi all 

I was diagnosed on 25 sep with cc 2b  tumour in cervix inoperable massive shock but I am slowly

coming to terms with it.

I have had CT and PET/CT scan since & seen oncologist last week & there are 2 lymph

nodes to the right & left of my pelvis .She said it is curable & I am clinging to that !

I am married with a 12 yr daughter (who had hpv vaccine at school the same day I was diagnosed )

Telling my daughter was the hardest thing ive ever had to do ....

I start my treatment next week with fear & anxiety but im lucky that I have alot of support !

Finding this website has been a huge help just reading how brave women are when faced with 

this nightmare !


Big hugs Hun, I hope everything goes well. Plenty of 2b people here to give plenty of support xxxxx


i was diagnosed 5 years ago, with lymph node involvement (was told it was 2 small ones picked up by the PET scan) and was given the all clear earlier this month. Like you, my oncologist told me that we were going for a cure and they were right. Even when I was told 2 weeks before the end of treatment that the tumour had not responded as well to treatment as they had expected (tenacious lump,) I was told to keep positive as I had another 10 radios left and the radio keeps on working for several weeks after treatment has ended. I had an mri 6 weeks after my last radio and all they could see was a 1cmx1mm shadow which was scar tissue. 

i was anaemic as well and had a blood transfusion a few days before I started treatment and another 2 pints a week before I finished treatment.

i know I keep repeating myself but there are many  2b survivors out there.

You will be told by the team looking after you what to expect, I was given a large tub of aqueous cream (your skin may become red and sore during treatment and the cream will heplay if you apply it every day and twice a day) and told to drink plenty. I have seen a lot of ladies mention aloe Vera  but for me it was cranberry juice mixed with water. I went off hot drinks during treatment!

treatment is doable, you will get tired but just don't fight it, just sleep if you want to sleep. I found going for a walk every day helped me but at the weekend I would just rest at home and enjoy having friends coming round!

Hope this help,

Stay strong,

Big hugs,




Thanks Tasha I hope you get your results soon fingers crossed for you x

Hi Mel I have posted you on your other thread please stay strong x

Naz thanks alot for sharing your experience it really helps to see people

getting on with their lives after treatment xx


Hi ladies

just wanted to say I'm 2b and same situation with the nodes. I have just finished treatment and  have scan soon. As naz says it is doable and u will get it done. My Moto was cry when u need to cry sleep when u need to sleep and the rest of the time keep the chin up.  

as I said I'm just done so feel free to message me with any questions etc. E45 cream was my best friend!!

naz amazing hearing someone who has been there and has came out the other side, I have a month or so till follow up and ur story keeps me positive!!



Hello everyone :-) & Welcome Joslim :-)

I was a 2b in October 2011 and will be setting off tomorrow for my CT scan which has been booked for Friday. I am now four years past the post and I feel as though this scan is probably just a formality. I have no suspicions that I will get a recurrence in the next year or the rest of my life even, but keep up going for scans every six months as prescribed. Following the scan I will be scooting off for a family wedding and so won't be online here nearly as much as I usually am. So please don't worry that anything awful has happened, it will be too much partying and not enough internet.

I just wanted to reassure all you newly diagnosed women that the treatments do work, this is curable, life does go on.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Kimmy and keep positive! Let us know how you get on.

Tivoli, very best wishes for Friday even though it is a routine scan :-).

Enjoy the wedding celebrations and look forward to having you back here.

Love to all.