Trying for a baby with HPV and CIN1 - Should I start or wait for next smear???

Hi there, I am a newbie to Jo's Trust, so please bare with me...

I got married this year, and was just about to start trying for a baby, when I had my smear results back which said I have borderline changes and HPV, I was very shocked by this as my previous two smears were normal and because I had no idea what HPV was at the time. Anyway I had a colposcopy and the results came back as CIN1. I asked the specialist nurse who did the testing if she would advise against trying for a baby inbetween smears (next one will be in 12 months time). She said to carry on with normal life, as it might still be CIN1 in 12 months time, and that I may have wasted time waiting for this. So was prepared to start trying. However when speaking to the GP today, she advised to wait 12 months for peace of mind.

I really don't know what to do, on one hand I despratley want a baby, incase I have to have any treatment on my cervix in the future and because I am getting older (now 31). But on the other hand, I am anxious that my cells might rapidly change during pregnancy and that I might be left unable to have anything done about it until after the baby is born. I just wanted to find out if anyone had a baby after a CIN1 & HPV diagnosis, and how it went for them? Or if people recommend waiting for after next smear. Another option is for me to get tested privately in 6 months time to see if there are any changes... I am going a little bit out of my mind with worry Cry


Loz xx

Hi Loz, this is the first time I have posted so I am no expert! How I think of it is, what if you waste a year and nothing changes? From what I have read, CIN1 more thank likely changes back to normal, thats why they don’t offer treatment. I would start trying. We have been trying for our second baby for 18 months now with no luck! I have just had a colposcopy and it came back CIN2 so I need to go for further treatment next week (depending on period, sorry tmi). So we have had to put the baby making on hold for the moment. I wouldn’t delay trying for your baby, you might even fall lucky and get pregnant straight away, then you would still be able to attend your next smear test. I don’t believe CIN1 would change that rapidly in a year or two. I would go for it!

Good luck

Zoe x

Hi ladies, 

I am in a similar situation but CIN2 booked in for LLETZ, but I have been told about the complications the LLETZ can bring later on so I am wondering if my and my fiance should just try now or if it's a bad decision because I am already at CIN2 and have been for 6 months. 

If I were CIN1 Loz then I would try, you have plenty of time, CIN1 can take years to develop xx

Thank you Zoe, and Reginald2017 for your comments, I think your both right :-)

I am paying for a private smear/PAP this week, which will be 3 months since first one. It may be too soon, but I am hoping it will give me some peace of mind that it hasn't progressed quickly. And it if is the same result or less we will start TTC. However I hope I can relax and enjoy Christmas without it being on my mind, it is literally all I have been thinking about since September, I'm sure it is the same for you also.

I hope your procedures go okay, have you been told how quickly you can TTC after LLETZ, or do you need to wait 6 months for a check up first? 

I have read lots about a herbal drug called AHCC, and we brought 3 months supply, have only been taking it for 1.5 months, but hoping it will help build up my immunity. I have also upped my vitamin intake, and trying my hardest to avoid sugar and coffee (very hard at this time of year). 


Loz x

Hi Loz

I am in exactly the same boat as you and was wondering the same. I was diagnosed with C1N1 HR HPV in July 2017 which came as a shock. My husband and I started trying in Feb (no joy yet) but I think we are going to keep trying. 


I have another appointment booked for May as I am still having irregular bleeds. Do let me know how you get on!


I had CIN1 and HPV. And needed to go back for my smear in 12months time. 

I found out that I’m pregnant! I was so worried as I’m due my checkup in January. I spoke to the doctor and she said I would have to wait till after my baby is born to have a check up, but the midwife will do extra checks on me to make sure no more changes happen during my pregnancy.

 I felt a relief  knowing I’m going to get care. 

CIN1 normally goes back to normal and about 6months ago I had the doctor check my cervix too. 


Hope all goes well! X