Trying for a baby with CIN3

Hi, I had my colposcopy a couple of weeks before my wedding. We had been planning to try for a baby once married, but shortly after the honeymoon I got my results showing I have CIN3 cells. I am due to have LLETZ next week. From what I have read, I think I should get results within about 6 weeks to confirm of all the cells were successfully removed, and if so, my next follow up will be another smear in 6 months. What I am unclear on is if there is any guidance around when we can start trying for a baby. Should we wait for my smear follow up, or can we start straight away (which I am keen to do). How high is the risk realistically to myself if say worst case scenario I got pregnant but my smear came back as abnormal? The chances are I won’t even get pregnant in 6 months anyway but I really want to start trying ASAP as have been looking forward to this for ages!