Trying for a baby after Lletz

Hello lovely people :)

Quick question, has anybody started trying for a baby before their test of cure smear? I had Lletz in January for Severe Dyskaryosis & HPV, however results came back as clear margins only CIN1... yay! My test of cure smear will be August sometime, however me & my partner really want to start trying for a family

I wonder if i could pay for a private smear sooner? Not sure how long after a Lletz that you have to wait to have a smear

Any advice would be most welcome, thanks so much :) x

Hi lovely,


I've definitely read other forum posts about this but can't remember what they've said.


You can buy hpv tests from super drugs online doctor and I presume that as long as you're healed, you can do one at home any time.


Maybe cheaper than going private?


They're trialing home testing kits via the NHS in London at the moment with people who have missed their smears.


Good luck ? x

I plan to try and have been given the OK to do so by my consultant as soon as I get my histology back as long as it's clear margins.  I guess not every consultant would advise the same though.