Trying for a baby after abnormal results :(


i have had and abnormal smear now twice, I got referred for a colposcopy this time last year which can back low grade and to come back in a year. Last month I went for my follow up colposcopy and the nurse said she thought I may have changes but wasn't sure. She did a smear as well. A month later I call up for my results and I eventually get told they are still low grade- however when I had gone for the colposcopy I had told her I was wanting to try for a baby and she said I was best to wait for the results of the smear. I went to see my gp when the results came back as low grade and he said I should absolutely try for a baby as although I have been asked back for a follow up colposcopy in 6 months this should not effect me trying for a baby. However...

before I went to see the Gp I had called the nurse to ask if it was now fine to try for a baby, she wasent there to answer (hence why I went to the doctors to ask/ they had a copy of my results) 

I have received in the post today a response from the nurse where she has advised me not to try for a baby until I have had had my next colposcopy in 6 months time, it says that my smear did not show high grade but she wasn't sure from the colposcopy and there may be a slight chance it is high.

I am totally confused and upset, the doctors telling me to go ahead and try and the colposcopy nurse is saying wait until I have had my next colposcopy as they may need to do a biopsy.

I don't know what to think I feel scared and not knowing if I have high grade as she can't seem to decide and I wanted to try for a baby very soon :(

Can anyone help?x

Hi, I want to try for a baby too. I am currently waiting for biopsy results from my treatment, but if they are all clear i am going to start trying for a baby. Even though i will have to go back for a repeat smear in 4-6months and probably should wait for the all clear. I feel that in 6 months, if it was to come back then they would only have to wait a few months for baby to be born to treat me.

I don't want to tell you to go against what your colposcopist said...but i think you should do what you feel is best. Your changes are low grade, so even if they develop into high grade whilst pregnant they could take them off then? But on the other hand, if they think your changes look high grade when you go back, and you are pregnant so they can't treat you it would be a very worrying time for you. I don't want people to think i am  irresponsible telling you to get pregant, it has to be your decision. I know what it is like to be desperate for a baby though!

In my case, my changes are a bit more serious, so i feel like what if i wait 6months, my next smear is abnormal again and they take even more of my cervix away ( or worse) and then i can't carry a baby xx

Hi and thanks for your reply, I decided to get a private opinion and went to a private hospital. The doctor did my colp and said he was suspicious it maybe cin2 so he did punch biopsy, I have to wait for those results then they will let me know if treatment is needed, he did advise I should wait until the results and if I need treatment I should wait for a clear smear before trying for a baby :(.

feel sad and worried but at least I will now know if they are high grade and if I need treatment.

Apr 2013 first abnormal smear- borderline results refer erred for colposcopy 

May 2013 colposcopy results low grade app made for follow up colposcopy in a year

Apr 2014 colposcopy low grade but suspicions of high grade advised I should wait 6 months for colposcopy again and if results the same a biopsy to be taken

June 2014- went to a private doctor colposcopy and small punch biopsy done suspicions of cin2 awaiting results