Try to concieve after a radical trachelectomy E

Hi I had surgery back in January 2012 a radical trachelectomy.  I have now been in remission for 3 Years and my check ups have now gone to yearly which is a big positive.  I have a 4 year old child which I had no poem at all conceiving.  Me and my partner have been trying for another since May 2014......8 months. Unfortunately I have not caught pregnant yet. I am taking folic acids tablets to get my body ready, I am also using the clear blue digital ovulation test with dual hormone. I have been using this as my periods went from every 28 days to 30, 32, 34 days. I did mention to my consultant bk in October that I was trying for a baby and he had no concerns. I already have a stich in place and he just said once I get pregnant to call him as I will need closely monitoring.  My consultant wasn't concerned that I'd been trying since May and nothing had happened yet. I was kind of hoping for more support more advice and help esp with my past health surley the doctor can help me more ? I did come out of my appointment a bit upset and doubtful.  I then in December went to see my Gp to ask for advice and hope for help. I was told I had to be trying for a year before I could be referred to a fertility specialist. Again I came out of the appointment disappointed.  Can anyone advice me plz ? Has anyone had the same operation and concieved naturally or did you need help. I kind of feel let down, I assumed i would be offered help or support with my past health and having cervical cancer. Many thanks for reading  x

Hi Monty,

it's so lovely to hear of someone else who has had a radical T. I wish you every success in having a baby following this. 

i think falling pregnant is a bit of a mysterious art at the best of times. I know people who have waited ages and then had two nearly back to back. I'm no expert in this area, but I guess it's a possibility that your body may still be recovering from your treatment. Or it may have nothing to do with having been ill. 

Maybe you could ask your GP for some general fertility advice? I know a lot of people approach private clinics for advice on fertility issues too, sometimes they have open days you can attend.

if you're concerned about your stitch you could try raising it with your consultant at your next appointment. But I imagine, if it's not causing discomfort and your periods are okay it's probably fine.

Sometimes, when you stop trying you find it just happens. Something to do with reducing the stress of it all.

All the best & lots of luck.


Hi Ladies

I had a radical trach in March 2013 and have been trying to conceive since summer 2013 when i had the all clear, so i've been refered to the fertility clinic now. I had all the tests done and there is fundamentally nothing wrong with me or my partner but they explained that as i have no cervix i have no cervical mucus which helps to 'Lube the Tube' (my words not the doctors, lol!) So the swimmers are struggling to get through. Luckily there is enough room to place a tube through what ever i have left up there (my doctor tried it while i was having my 6 month smear check up) so they should be able to transfer embryos sucessfully which will be the first part of the battle.

It is a bit dissapointing it hasnt happened naturally but I am very lucky to be in the position I am as I have been given the chance to conceive

Me and my partner are eagerly awaiting or first IVF appointment and i am thankful everyday for getting this far

i'm writing a blog about my journey with IVF after a radical trach which you can follow..

Good luck you and all the post trach ladies


I had RT in 2011. No luck since then. I'm having IVF at the momen. 2 rounds unsuccessful. Both embryo transfers under GA by needle as they can't find the opening. 3rd try will be April/May. 

Hi ladies just to let u know u r not alone..i had 1b cerival cancer in march 2013. I had my first ivf treatment this month.  I dont think it matters not conceiving naturally. As long as i have a healthy baby at the end. I will keep u posted. Good luck ladies x ps monty2013 get yr cancer doctor to ref u to tge ivf clinic..mine did and its speeded everything up!!!

Hi Monty,


I had a radical trachelectomy back in November 2010, have been trying for nearly 4 years now to fall preganant with no luck. Hoping for a referal for IVF, had an appointment end of last month but have to have a scan to check tubes etc next month (should have been this week but sadly no appointments available) and then see what happens from there. Don't give up hope, it ma just take a little longer - and there is always IVF. I will keep everything crossed for you.


Amy x

Sorry to hear this Alicka - I am worried I will have the same issue, hoping to have a referral for IVF soon myself :( Will keep everything crossed for you for the next round.


Amy x

Good luck ladies! Please keep posted as it's very difficult to find someone who had same surgery....I'm having ivf on NHS too...was very long process but when is all paperwork and tests done then is pretty fast. I was trying iui while waiting...

Also ivf clinic sent me for hysterescopy fist so it delayed ivf too. Very anoying to wait all the time for something. Just for Ivf application had to wait a couple of months...

Hi, I'm in the same boat but not trying just yet. hsve you all tried a product called preseed. It mimic cervical fluid to help the process. Could be worth a try?

Yes I have tried preseed and also concieve plus with no luck...

Hi everyone thank you for your messages. I have used concieve plus unfortunately it hasn't worked for us yet, preseed made me have a bad bleed the first time I used it so after that it went straight into the bin. I have also tried Boots active spray I think it's called, also unfortunately it hasn't been any good. I have also tried Yes and the nurse told me it can also be prescribed on prescription which is very handy to know. I had an appointment with my consultant 2 weeks ago, he has written a letter to my Gp asking when the time is right to refer me to a certain  fertility expert at Birmingham women's hospital. He also cut my stitch thread shorter as it was causing my partner discomfort during sex. The thread was hang down quite a bit I believe so the consultant agreed to cut it shorter. I had a phone call from my Gp today asking me to pop in and see him. He has received my letter from my consultant and agreed to refer me now to the specialist so now it's a waiting game for the appointment.  My consultant was running through a few things that could be the problem with me conceiving.  I was told the stitch could actually be to tight so sperm could have a problem entering. Also told me I might need my womb and overies scanning to check they r all ok and haven't been damaged during surgery. Feeling more positive now, hopefully get some answers soon and hopefully a positive pregnancy test. A few ladies have mentioned IVF or artificial assemnation is it called ? Does anyone know if I would qualify for this on NHS and I already have a 4 year old son who I had before I was diagnosed. Many thanks again ladies x 

Hi I'm afraid you don't qualify to have ivf on nhs as you do have least in Surrey...

Hello everyone,


alicka it it is good to hear that IVF is still an option even if they can't find an opening. I had a HYCOSY today to check my tubes but they could get past my stitch. they are going to try again in a couple of weeks. If you don't mind me asking did you have the same experience? What is the next step?


TTC 12 months

RT August 2012 following a 1B1



Hi Amy rose

I had my tubes checked via laparoscopy as they needed correct my stitch. That was 3 years ago. Right before ivf they sent me for hystrroscopy and cervix dilation as they could not perform trial embryo transfer but that  was unsuccessful. Couldn't find opening... So that's why I have to have transmyometrial embryo transfer. Just preparing for third try...

Hi Alicka,

Thank you for the information. I am guessing that is the plan for me. I am going back two weeks today to see if they can get through. If not they will try under GA. Then it willbe a IVF with a needle. They also suggested that they could go through my bellybutton. No sure how successful that will be as they have already been through it once to remove my nodes. It is good to know that I still have a couple of options. However I am hoping that if blood get get out sperm

 an get in. However maybe false hope. I will keep you posted over the next couple of weeks.

Good luck. I really hope your journey is a happy one xxxx

Amyrose good luck on your journey... Please keep me posted. It's good you have a couple of options and hopefully they'll choose the best one for you. Today I'm starting injecting and my embryo transfer is on 1st of May. This time I'm going to try acupuncture. Take care

I will keep everything crossed for you. I will send positive vibes to you On the 1st. I will keep you posted. I go in Thursday so watch this space xxxx

Good luck for the 1st Alicka, will keep everything crossed. I am in the same boat as amyrose at the moment so this gives me some hope there might be an answer xx

So I had my embryo transfer today. They had to thaw 2 embryos as first embie was not so good after the thaw. So now the waiting game!