try to conceive with cin 2?


I’ve been hpv 51 positive since 2014 and always been cin 1 or even have no lesion at all.

My pap was abnormal just when I wanted to start ttc. As the biopsy was cin 1 then, I though that to wait and repeat colposcopy in 6 months was the best option. I waited and the cin 1 disappeared but I was still hpv 51 positive, so I decided to wait for it to clear, but the cin 1 was back again :frowning:

So last week I went for colposcopy and I was really disappointed that the dr took one biopsy. I asked her what did it look like, and she said that sometimes it is just the cin 1 healing, or maybe something mild.

But I’m super worried with it being cin 2, I don’t know why I just can’t stop thinking that it’s getting worse.

So my question is: If it’s cin 2, should I ttc and treat after delivery if still necessary or get the leep first?

I’m 33 and am afraid of the leep because its possible complications and of course the waiting time until I get an all clear and can start ttc…

So I think that if it’s even cin 2 in my case it could be ok to get pregnant first? Dr told me that I could start ttc if it’s cin 1, but I don’t know what she would say if it’s cin 2, and I’m mentally exhausted with all this, I need some good news!