Try not to panic x

Hey everyone, I thought I would post my experience, 8 month ago I had my routine 3year smear and it came back severe dyskarios(if that's how you spell it) and like a lot of you Im not gonna lie I was panicking, I got booked in for a colposcopy 3 days later(made me panic even more) why so soon must be something really bad, the day of the colposcopy came and I took my mate with me, the most embarrassing part was defo the best mate seeing my lady parts magnified on the screen, with my name being dani she now calls me "dani with the massive ......"(I'm sure you can fill the gap;-)). Anyway the procedure itself wasnt that bad just like a period pain, and they done a lletz packed me up and I was on my way. After 2 weeks of no results I ended up ringing the hospital and it was CIN3 follow up smear in 6 month and when I got home from work the letter was there confirming what the hospital had said. Fast forward 6month so about 6 weeks ago, the next smear, results smear normal high risk HPV :-0, this made me flap even more and then it was 4 weeks for the follow up colposcopy, so this time I took my mam with me, my cervix is completely normal with no dodgy looking anything on there(nice pink and healthy looking apparently)and I'm back to 3 year recall, I know it's really hard not to panic, I had writen myself off and everything, no news is good news, and they have the smear in place so they can catch these things early enough to treat them(very clever if you think about it) and the colposcopy although uncomfortable and a little embarrassing is not that bad..

so good luck to you all :* and please try not to worry to much xx

love Dani with the massive.....:-p

So pleased all is well for you and thanks for posting xxx