Try for a baby or wait for smear post 1a1

Hi everyone

Just looking for opinions really as I know ulimately this is a decision for my partner and I..

I had a cone biopsy in April following LLETZ which revealed 2mm squamous cancerous cells.  MRI scan was clear, biopsy came back completely clear and they'd therefore removed the cancer during the initial LLETZ.  My 6mth smear is booked for early October.  Once we've completed our family I'll be having a hysterectomy.

Before all this happened we'd been planning on trying for a second child this summer as I was conscious that in November I'll be 36 which I realise isn't old, but it's older that I wanted to be.  We were devastated to be told that we might not be able to have another.  Since my own diagnosis my Dad has passed away from cancer.  Everything that's happened has given us a huge sense of not wanting to put things off any longer if we don't have to. 

I've just come form my follow up appointment where I asked about trying for another child.  My consultant confirmed the advice is to wait 6mths.  I explained my reasons and told her that if she said it was a really bad idea, we would wait.  She said it wasn't a really bad idea, it just means they wouldn't be able to carry out more treatment.  She's reasonably confident in 6mths time it will be fine and we can 'crack on' then.  If I'd come today and said I was pregnant she'd just 'ok we'll need to monitor you closely then'.

So what do we do? And what would you do?

We're leaning towards trying anyway as I've got the all clear now, and there's no guarantees we'll catch straight before then anyway.  What if I go back in Oct and she says it's come back and I need a hysterectomy now and can't have another one? 

If she's been more strongly against the idea, I don't think there would be any question but I almost feel like she's given me the official medical line but then almost said it will be fine and not to worry about it.




You've just got to go with your heart. Sounds like you really want another baby so I think personally I would try. Life has a way working these things out.

Wishing you lots of luck