Try for a baby or have follow up smear?

So 12 months ago i had my 1st smear aged 24 where HPV was detected along with CIN 1. The abnormal cells were left to be reviewed 12 months later. It has now been 12 months but my situation is very different. Last month I had a early miscarriage which was deeply upsetting, 2 days ago i went along to my smear appointment not knowing that i have to now wait 12 weeks until i can have the smear because i have been pregnant. This is where i am stuck, me and my partner are so desperate to try and concieve asap after our miscarriage as we feel something is missing from our lives now :( im not sure i can wait 12 weeks plus potentially longer if treatment is needed; not to mention the increased risk of miscarriage if treatment is required.

I just dont know whether to try for a baby and have the smear once baby is here or wait until i know everything is normal and healthy down there. For all i know the cells could have improved on their own!

Any opinion or personal experience would be truely appreciated! 
Thank you in advance Xx

Sorry for your loss xx This is going to be a very personal choice. If it was me... And I've also suffered mc's, I'd rather wait to be sure all ok. Chances are things are fine, but if not it could get a lot worse during pregnancy and there would be a risk to your health. 

I decided to wait for my results and now that's I'm all clear we are going to try again x

Wanted to add, maybe have a chat with your GP and ask their opinion? You're young still. I completely understand you wanting to fill the hole, but only 3months. 

1 lletz if you needed it only carries a very small risk of premature birth x

Thank you very much for your response. Do you know if my cells are still abnormal how pegnancy can affect them? Will it make them advance quicker? could it cause complications in pregnancy ect? The nurse i spoke to at my appointment didnt really give me much information, she just said it is your personal choice and that from CIN1 it would take many years to advance to cancer. She also said that if i hadnt of miscarried i would have had to wait until i gave birth anyway. 

If it's still cin 1 I think it would probably he fine and they'll just monitor you through pregnanc.. I'm no medical expert. You might of completely cleared the infection by now too. For me personally I'd just like to know either way just I'm prepared x

Thank you Beyondconcerned! Best of luck in Trying for a baby!! Xx

Hi KayleyS just thought id share my current situation with you which may answer some of your questions i currently have CIN 3 and currently 20 weeks pregnant i had my smear just before i found out i was pregnant (talk about timing!) having abnormalities in pregnancy doesnt cause any complications with the pregnancy i have had 2 colposcopys while being pregnant and my consultant is fairly certain it is safe to leave treatment until after ive had baby, she said sometimes giving birth can get rid of the abnormalities, she also said pregnancy does not speed up cell changes, i will have my next colposcopy at 28 weeks and take it from there, it does play on my mind but i have a while to wait until treatment yet so i dont let it consume me, i think it is personal choice and wether you could cope with the uncertainty in pregnancy, good luck to you x

Thank you for sharing you story Beth & congrats on your pregnancy. Your comment has been really helpful. I think I have decided to go with the flow these next two months. I won't "try" too hard to conceive (calculating ovulation ect), we just won't prevent & if it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. If it wasn't for my MC I would of had to wait until March 2018 for the smear anyway so I will put it in fates hands. Thank you both for your replies. Health & Happiness to you both xx