Trouble having smear test after treatment

Hi all,

Basically it's a long story.. I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cc in November last year, had a cone biopsy to remove and luckily it did.

Returned to hospital for my follow up colposcopy and they couldn't find my cervix so I had to come back again to have local anaesthetic and my cervix dilated to carry out a smear test, I'm awaiting results for this but I just wanted to know if anyone has had this problem? I'm a bit concerned about it, I'm having periods although they are light and only last around 3 days but the consultant said if I'm having periods then they should be able to get and adequate smear but they are obviously struggling! 

I'm also really worried I won't be able to conceive after all this, if my cervix is narrow then surely that would affect being able to conceive? I'm really panicking about it all now.

Consultant said if this smear comes back inadequate then I'll have to have general anaesthetic again to have my cervix dilated even more so they can get to it!

This nightmare never seems to end!


just wondering if you know if you have a tilted or retroverted uterus. If so it could just be the reason why they are having such a difficult time performing the smear. Ring up your dr and ask. If so, there are stretches you can do to help the uterus move back into a better position for them to see your cervix and access the transformation zone. 

These stretches can help. Feel free to pm me if you find out and need some advice on smears with a retroverted uterus. 

Good luck