So had my LLETZ 3 weeks ago today after having severe dysk results from Colposcopy biopsy.

Still awaiting results which sucks but i knew id have to wait

i had a week after without bleeding just discharge but then bleeding started however the last 3 days had no bleeding so was pretty happy. However today its started again quite heavy and bright red.

Has anyone else had this? has it stopped and then started again. I was hoping to get back to working out and all the other stuff your not supposed to do but now i feel down as its started up again.

Thanks for listening and sorry for the TMI 



Hi, I had my LLETZ on tuesday. So far I have only had light pinky bleeding nothing awful. My Doctor said I may get bleeding again in a few weeks-month down the line which may indicate an infection. Maybe worth calling your GP for some anti biotics?


The waiting for results is the worst, and I'm only 2 days in!



Hi MsKays,

My experience is a while ago now, but I didn't really bleed for a week, then (TMI alert!) I had what appeared to be a scab (which was black and gross - but then I remembered LLETZ is essentially burning things away so it made sense) and after that I bled on and off, sometimes bright red and quite a bit, sometimes just a bit in my discharge, but for most of the 6 week recover period they say  you'll have. I know some ladies heal really quickly in 3- 4 weeks, but given that my outer skin takes a while to heal from cuts and things so it's not really a surprise that my insides do to. I also found that when I did exercise and things I did bleed a bit more (which was really annoying!). Towards the end I was getting really upset that I wouldn't ever be back to normal but one day it didn't happen, and then the next day either, and it just stopped, but as I say that was about 5 - 6 weeks on. Sounds chiched but everyone heals at thier own pace - I think the general advice is if you're not filling a pad in 2 - 3 hours it's nothing to worry about, but as a massive personal panicker (I'm good with other peoples problems, but when it's my own I tend to spiral out of control) myself, I'd definely recommend if you're worried seeing your practice nurse or calling the colposcopy clinic - they'll both be lovely and not mind if you have a bit of a breakdown on them :) 

Good luck with healing and results, you to Esmeella! x x x 

Thank you :) xx

Thanks all.  I called the hospital and they said should be ok.

as long as not filling a pad every hour or pain/smell it should be ok. 

I feel pretty lucky they are so nice. i always feel bad about calling or making doctors appointments i feel like im wasting time.

But they have made me feel better.

Only problem is im signed up to do Nuclear Races next month and i really need to train but Il just have to wait.

Again thanks all for your replies im so glad this forum exists!