Treatment Whilst Spotting


I'm due to have a lettz treatment under GA tomorrow for CIN3 and have been spotting on/off the last week (nothing new for me)

I have tried to contact the receptionist but without fail, anyone else had the treatment carried out whilst spotting?

Also, i have a merina coil, do you think this will be removed.

Its all been pushed through so fast and I cant seem to speak to anyone who will confirm anything so any advise or experience would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance


Gem xx

For anyone interested, I had the procedure done yesterday under GA whilst spotting, she said it wasn't an issue but if it was heavy they wouldn't of done it xx

Hi Mulgem I haven't had the treatment you have had but just wanted to say I'm glad they were able to do the treatment for you & sorry no one else has replied to this post. Hope it all works out for you.