Treatment update

I’ve been trying to drink plenty but maybe I need more.Will keep trying to drink more.
Thankyou xx

Debbiedoo, how are you doing? It’s been 5 days and you’re in our thoughts. Are you able to drink more? How are the headaches and the ringing in the ears?

Let us know how you’re doing x


So I ended up going to see my gp and she diagnosed a sinus infection.Ive got antibiotics but I ended up in hospital thursday night on a drip.I was severely dehydrated and blood tests flagged up a kidney problem.Im ok now though and am feeling alot better.I think I’m also suffering with anxiety which is causing me to feel shaky and dizzy.
I’m going to look at some wigs tomorrow.
Thankyou for thinking of me xx

Oh Debbie my dear, I’m so sorry - no wonder you were feeling bad. Dehydration is a very insidious enemy when you’re undergoing treatment - and to have a sinus infection as well!! The kidney problem may be related to the dehydration - it seems it’s something you’re susceptible to. Thank goodness they hospitalised you - there is nothing like an intravenous drip to get your fluids back up. This is something they’re going to have to monitor carefully with you, as you really want to get all your chemo sessions in order to give you the best chance to kick this cancer’s butt, well and truly.

Do let us know how you get on with the wigs. A chance to try on some different looks for you! Xx

Thankyou.Im seeing my doctor on thursday so will discuss it all with her.Im quite looking forward to trying wigs on xx

Hello ladies, how are you doing? How is treatment going?
I had my first brachytherapy this week, and honestly it was fine. The only bit I was really anxious about was the removal. I requested gas and air, which I was given. It was a strange, uncomfortable feeling having everything removed. But it wasn’t painful. I have two more rounds to go this week and then I’m all done :raised_hands:t3:


Hey @Joix!

Pleased to hear your first round of brachytherapy went well - quite a few women seem to agree that it’s uncomfortable but actually nowhere near as bad as they’d anticipated. I definitely take comfort in that! The finishing line is in sight for you now :blush: what was the rest of your treatment like?

I had my second of four rounds of chemo on Monday and I’m juuuuust about coming out of the nauseating haze today. Bloody shattered, but the pelvic pain I was having from the tumour is almost entirely gone now so I’m holding onto that as a sign that treatment is working :pray:t2:

Second round has been more manageable than the first because of the improved pain, which I’m incredibly grateful for, but f*ck it’s still hard lol. Not terribly surprising I suppose, given you’re literally being poisoned. My body just doesn’t feel like mine at the moment.


You’re both doing incredibly well!
I’m still sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting on the call/letter for a start date! I really hope I hear this week. Hate the thought of this little bugger sitting in my cervix. :woman_facepalming:

Fingers crossed everything’s keeps going well for everyone x

That’s amazing that your pain has gone, it sounds like it’s working! I’m sorry it’s been rough for you though. I really struggled with my chemo and radiation too. It was so much harder than I expected it to be!

But in better news, I’m finished! I’m not long home from my second and third brachy! As expected, it wasn’t the most comfortable sleep i’ve ever had, but no where near as bad as I expected! Will you be getting brachy too?

Hi Shammy! This part is the worst, I know exactly how you feel. Any news yet? Do you have a nurse you could contact to query the dates? I was started quickly after my planning scan (about 10 days after!)

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Hi @Joix !
Thanks for thinking of me. :blush:

The radiographer did tell me that it could be 2 possibly 3 weeks then I’d get a call to start the next week. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks and I’m really really hoping I get a call. I’m going slowly insane here waiting. The house has been cleaned to within an inch of its life and the dogs legs are ready to fall off with all the walking :rofl:

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Aww I know the feeling! Sounds like you’re organised anyway :joy: I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you hear something soon! :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3: Keep us updated! X

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Oh I’ll be yelling it all over the place when I find out! I am tempted to ring my CNS tomorrow just to see if she knows anything.


Yeah I would, it’s worth an ask!

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