Treatment tomorrow

Hi new to this, I’m due to start treatment tomorrow for 2a squamous cc, treatment 25 radio and 5 chemo 3 brac. How was you during treatment… so scared


Hi Amz I understand it is scary but don’t be. You wouldn’t even have any side effects. You might be tired from the chemo afterwards but have some rest and try to drink loads of water!! Hope all the best and be strong :muscle: xxxx

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Thank you Maria, I’m hoping I have minimal side affects due to having children and need to try stay in some routine, did you get any sickness and manage food well with radiotherapy and chemo? Xx

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Hi @Amz23 I started my treatment last week! Also stage 2 and the same treatment plan as you. I was so anxious about starting but it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as I had expected! I haven’t experienced any side effects so far! Just make sure you rest if you need to and drink plenty of water. The nurses are amazing and you are well looked after! You’ve got this! xx


Thank you, how you feeling? I’m not looking forward to the long chemo days that for sure lol, how long of a day is it? I have radio after chemo too on Wednesdays, glad ur ok and feeling ok so far, did you take any sickness meds etc? Xx

@Sha159 al tag just incase you don’t see I commented back as new to this xx

Yeah I am feeling fine so far! My chemo day wasn’t too bad! I went in at 9am. They checked my height and weight then I was hooked up to an anti-sickness. Once that was done I was hooked up to the chemo (I think this only lasted about an hour!) and then I was hooked up to fluids for 2 hours - while chilling in a big comfy chair! I left the ward around 1:30pm then headed over for radiotherapy which was quick and easy too! They lie you on the bed, line up your tattoos, the nurses leave the room while the machine scans your bladder to make sure it is full enough! The machine then starts again and it’s over in minutes! I was given anti sickness tablets to take for 3 days after my chemo too. I hope this helps to put you a bit more at ease. Keep me updated on how you get on xx


Thank you makes me feel loads better, my first radiotherapy today late Afternoon, that’s not bad for chemo days then, least ur a week down already hoping it goes fast, and I will do. Have you managed to eat the same as you usually would, and do you manage your day to day routine at home etc? I have 4 children and one of them being a baby so I’m hoping I can still crack on lol, got my partner home to support and take some time of work if needs be, for your radiotherapy did you have different times daily I should get my full app times today. Xx

Glad it’s helped! I think it’s more the fear of the unknown and once you get started it’s a lot easier to deal with! I haven’t noticed any difference in my eating so far and still able to eat as I normally would. My day to day life is just as usual too and am still managing to work from home! I don’t have children so i can’t comment on that although I have young nieces and nephews who I was able to spend time with at the weekend and still run about after as usual. Just listen to your body and rest when you need to. Most of my radiotherapy times are all late afternoon (apart from 2 I think) but on my chemo day they managed to slot me in earlier to save me hanging about until my appointment time xx

That’s good glad your doing well that’s the main thing, I will update towards end of week how my first week goes, with chemo planning can you remember how long that is and what they do? I’m due tomorrow morning for planning then the chemo Wednesday, Also with bank holidays coming up are you still in on them days as normal, I’m in the uk xx

Yeah would be nice to hear how you are getting on and to share our experiences of going through this! I’m not really sure about the chemo planning! I simply attended my GP the day before my chemo started to get bloods taken (this happens every week before chemo and the radiotherapy nurses are doing it going forward) then I went in the following morning to start. My treatment isn’t being affected by the bank holidays and I’m still in on these dates. I am also in the UK (Scotland) xx

Ok thank you, yes definitely I will keep updated going forward, and that’s good to know that bank holidays don’t affect the days rather keep going and get it out of the way, take care and chat again soon. Xx

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I have just started week 4 of the same regime of treatment. It definitely is doable. Everyone is so different in terms of side effects. I have had the odd days when I haven’t felt well at all mainly with a constant nausea but hoping that will be sorted this week with extra anti sickness, there is always more that can be offered. My bowel has only just this last week started to be a little upset but mainly looser bowel movements and urgency but manageable. I have had a few days in bed but more because it’s an escape for me and being asleep meant I didn’t need to think about it! I love my bed too!!:joy: I was determined that I didn’t want to get sore skin and have been using the barrier creams I was given twice a day and touch wood haven’t had any issues. I did have some discomfort passing urine in week three but that has settled.
It goes so much quicker than you think it will I can’t believe how the time has passed. Everyone is amazing and will support you to get through. I really hope it goes well and if there are any other questions you have please do reach out xx

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Hi glad you are doing well, it’s only day 2 for me, hoping it goes fast. Week 4 your close to the finishing line. How did you find chemo and the steroids they give, they said it may interrupt my sleep on a night, hoping not I love sleep. Do the sickness tablets not not help you with nausea xx

The steroids haven’t interrupted my sleep at all. I have taken five in the morning and then five at lunchtime. They have given me heartburn. there’s loads they can help with the nausea I have some new tablets today so hope that helps. I haven’t been sick just felt as though I had gotten off a fairground ride! One more chemo after today. It will go really quickly and is definitely doable. I am a terrible patient I hate needles, can’t swallow tablets…. Everyone has been very kind and patient. Just take each day at a time and rest if you need too xx

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Wow 5 I think today at chemo planning they said to take 2 daily think for 3 days after chemo I could have heard wrong but I will find out again tomorrow when I have chemo, I’m hoping my affects are minimal I’ve 4 children to run round after. They also mentioned they will give me immodium tablets to help with runs, the joys eh, but every step in one step closer to the finishing line that’s how I see it now I’ve started the treatment. Xx

Are you on the radiotherapy every day I have 25 altogether one good thing with that one is it’s quick, was you stage 2 for you CC xx

I also wasn’t given any cream but they recommend aveeno so I will get some, do you apply just on your stomach area or all your body? Sorry for all the questions xx

Hi x
Please don’t apologise for the questions ask away
I had prednisone 5 mg tablets - 10 tablets with chemo, then zfor the two days after 5 tablets in the morning and 5 at lunchtime they definitely make you feel better
Yes I have 25 radiotherapy treatments every day Monday to Friday over 5 weeks
Chemo is weekly with Cisplatin I get here at 10am and leave about 3:30pm
I have aveeno cream too used it all over especially your groins and down below including your back and bottom. My skin has just felt a bit like I have been in the sun too long , a bit stingy but the cream gets rid of that
I don’t know if it will help but I have also been using the Replens vaginal moisturiser every days it’s made me feel as if I am doing all I can to help!
I have two children 18 and 11. Managed to hold an 18th birthday for my daughter at the weekend with 75 children/adults now!
You will likely have off days but on the whole it’s been ok. Look forward to hearing how you are xx you’ve got this it really is manageable x

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Meant to say I haven’t needed the Imodium. Loose bowel motions but again manageable.
I had a stage 1a1 cervical cancer and had biopsy, Lletz and Hysterectomy last year. My 6 month follow up showed VAIN3 and a tiny focus of cancer in the vaginal vault. Was really shocked as I had thought about why they follow you up but not that they would find cancer after the initial good results. They are treating them as two separate cancers.