Treatment tomorrow - Not sure what to think

from christmas I have tried to pretend the date isn't arriving.. but its still been driving me mad..  Its all I am thinking about! It's finally here tomorrow.. I am soo terrified it may sound stupid.. But after Colposcopy & biopsy I felt so so low degraded & sick to the stomach!.. Everytime I think about it I just close my legs!..   I don't know whats up with me it was emotional going through it as you always think oh my god what if ect.. and it didn't hurt was a tad uncomfortable but that was it..   I am sat here now upset as I know Ive got to go back tomorrow ( work in the morning aswell - can't see me concentrating there much! ) I read online somewhere that with lletz you can have general or local but I haven't been asked, I would rather have general so I don't know whats happening but I doubt thats going to happen!..  Stressing out so much to the point I don't want to bloody go but I know I need to!.. Just wish they would of got it over and done with in 1 go!  


Sorry for posting don't really have anybody to speak to about it..  just needed somewhere to let out! xxx


I know it's hard but try not to worry too much. The treatment is over with just as quick as the colposcopy was, and afterwards I actually felt better knowing that I was in a better position than I had been, in that they had taken the bad cells away. I imagine that if you haven't been told otherwise then you'll be having local. I found colposcopy pretty painful and was dreading lletz but I found it much better because they numb the area. Try to ask them as many questions as you can have, don't leave yourself wondering. But if you do, ask on here because lots of us have been through it.

Please don't apologise for posting, it's good to let it out. I am still waiting for lletz results after nearly 5 weeks and just want it to be over now!

I went today and was in the exact same position as you last night. Felt worried and scared but like you theres something about stripping off that makes me feel dirty. The idea of it all was much worse than the reality.  The nurse was very warm and welcoming and kept me chatting.  Its all descrete behind curtains amd was given a cover for my legs. Had privacy to change after and was so relieved that it was all over I actually said 'yes!' When I was told it was all done haha. Got a tea and biscuits after and had a chat with other nurses floating around which was a much more positive endi g than I had after yhe biopsies when I was just sent on my way. I know its easier said than done but try not to worry as its 100% less scary/awkward than you imagine



Thank you both, you've made me feel a bit more relaxed about it, still know im going to be a nervous wreck though, be glad when it's all over. I wish it wasnt local i have a big phobia of needles!! Haha sound like a right wuss eh? Im usually the strong person in the family. Thank you both for reading my rant and replying, i really appreciate it x x

I took 2 paracetamol and didnt feel the anaesthetic at all. It was all a bit stressful before hand but the great thing about la over ga is that it is all over in 10min. Good luck , though im sure you'll be fine :)

hiya how did you get on today ? mine was also today and i too made the mistake of going into work today! one word - useless! lol x

how did you get on? mines on thursday and im terrified. im terrified that they will find something more sinister too !

hope you are ok!


I got there and was an hr or so delay, i was so nervous but thought get in and get it done, but when i went in there she told me what my biopsy result were and everything else and i just broke down i was in a right state, i got to the part where they give me the anesthetic and my good old heart ( have problems with panic attacks ect..) went loopy and a right mess. I've got to go back and have treatment under g.a. I cant believe what happened still don't under stand what happened atm. X x x


Oh no you poor thing. Im not surprised considering you had to wait an hour. Thats terrible.  I hope the results weren't too serious and that your next app goes more smoother

I think it was the way she told me made them sound worse then showing me what she was going to use and added ' make sure you stay still as any sudden movements and i could cut into the vaginal wall which will cause problems '   that just for me at the time made me think what the hell? I still can't get over it not getting done, i feel so down about it today. Atleast next time I can go in knowing more of what to expect. Thank you for replying x x

Hey Hun,

That must have been awful for you. I went for my Lletz on Monday and was told they couldn't do it as the area was too close to the vaginal wall but I think if they had been able to do it there and then I would have been exactly the same as you!

I hope you get your appointment through quickly and that all goes ok


Sorry it didnt go to plan! X

Aw gosh Fiona! Have they said what they are planning on doing now? Thank you just want it over and done with now. 


Good luck today Queenie - i hope it all goes to plan for you huni let us know how you get on

X x x

They just said now i'll have to have it done under general and I have to wait for a pre-op and op appointment. To be honest, except for the waiting part, i'm quite relieved xx

Oh bless you hunny. Have they said how long you'l be waiting for your appointment? X x