Treatment timeline after CIN 3

Hi all. I'm glad I found this website as it has been quite informative. My wife has been recently diagnosed with CIN 3 and it is tearing me apart. She had a colposcopy and biopsy taken on the 11th Jan and the result (CIN 3) was sent on a letter on the 17th Jan. The letter says treatment is required and that another letter would be sent for an appointment. Today I received a letter that says "Review Appointment" for the 6th March. You see, the thing that is bothering me is: is this just a simple review appointment or is this the treatment appointment? I'm not sure what the protocol/timeline is here. I just want my wife to be treated as soon as possible. Can anyone share your experience with this? How does this work? Is this appointment only to review the results and then schedule treatment? I'm not sure what is going to happen and this is driving me insane. I love my wife and I wish it was me who was diagnosed and not her. Thank you ladies, I wish you all the best.


Hi Edgar,

I would imagine that the 6th march appointment is for your wife to have lletz, which is the procedure to remove the cin 3 cells, i had a similar amount of time between colposcopy and lletz. You or your wife should ring the hospital that sent the letter and ask just to be sure, they won't mind you asking at all they're used to people ringing up with questions. And I know it's hard but try not to worry too much, cin 3 is 'PRE' cancerous cells which 'might' turn cancerous if left alone for a long time. Most women have the treatment and never have any more bother.