Treatment starting

Hi Ladies
I am starting my chemo and rads tomorrow and starting to feel anxious now. Any last minute tips on how the first session will be ?
Many thanks

Negative smear September 2014
Bleeding since May 2015
Misdiagnosed by gynae as ectropion
2nd opinion March 2017
Diagnosed CC stage 2B 14/3/2017
Chemo Rads commence 8/04/3017
28 Radiotherapy 6 Chemotherapy 3 Brachytherapy


I am just 3 weeks in radiation and chemo. So far it has not been too bad. Radiation is about 15 mins 5 days a week and my chmeo is on Mondays and it takes about 8 hours. The only side effect i have is the poops :-) it is not as bad as i thought it would be. U will be ok. Good luck and take care :-)


first day chemo and rads wasn't too bad. Felt very bloated with fluid and exhausted by the end of the day. It was much better than I imagined it to be. I await the side effects as time goes on

keep strong and hope your treatment continues to go well,

hugs julie x 

So glad you are both doing well x