Treatment start date - stage 3C1

Hi all,

I posted a while ago when I was first diagnosed with cervical cancer and (finally!) have a date to start treatment. The cancer is stage 3C1, which I suspected at the time based on the results of the PET scan. The tumour was originally 6cm and spread out into the tissue around the cervix, with pelvic lymph nodes involved. However, my doctor has warned it’s likely now 7cm given the scan was six weeks ago. I’ve had another scan this week so hoping it hasn’t creeped into any nodes further up.

I start treatment on the 23rd May and will be having five weeks of radio therapy every day apart from weekends, and five weeks of chemo at the same time. If the tumour can shrink down enough in this time - I think he said down to 4cm but need to double check as it was a lot to take in - I will then have four days of braccy carried out as an in-patient.

Hope everyone is doing well and has been so helpful reading everyone’s stories and updates on here.


Hi Laura,

Good that youve got your start date, its a tough journey but doable. Spend the next couple of weeks eating well and resting. Not sure why the doctor said the tumour would now be larger. I had 2 months between pet scan and treatment starting and no one said it would be larger. Regardless treatments today are excellent.
Keep us posted any questions just ask
Take care x

Thanks AMF. That’s interesting to know your tumour hadn’t grown over two months, maybe he was just playing it safe and preparing me for any changes. At least I’ve had another scan now so should know for definite before treatment starts (not that it makes any difference of course!).

I’m just really keen to get started but will make the most of the next two weeks and do some nice things to keep me busy.


Great you know more about whats happening now. You could breeze through no prob! If not you’ll have us for some support.

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Hi @Laura-s, welcome to the group
I’m also now going to be starting chemo radiation exactly the same day as you and my tumour is also the same as yours 6cm so you are definitely not alone in this journey :blush:
My staging is different but we are both on the same paths, wishing you well xxx

Hi Gizzy,

Lovely to hear from someone starting the same time as me :smiley: How are you feeling about starting? I know I’ll be nervous at the time, but for now I’m just excited to get cracking and fight this horrible thing.

Keep in touch to let me know how you get on x

Hi @Laura-s
I’m sorry but I have to laugh because not only do we have that in common my real name is Laura :joy:
I’m actually ok about starting, I am on the interlace trial (i have a post about it) but the chemo I was having before chemo radiation has caused to many bad reactions which I why I’m now going onto this stage, so after that I’m happy to be getting on with something my body can hopefully manage!
I don’t know how this works but happy to be support buddies through it all with you, my chemo days will be Tuesdays.
Have you had the opportunity to see and meet the staff at your hospital? Xx

Hi Laura, fellow stage 3er here. I just wanted to say all the best with your treatment. It is a difficult road but I promise you will get through it and look back and think “how did I do that” we are all rooting for you and fully behind you :sparkling_heart: pickles xxx

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Hi all, unfortunately I had some really sad news last week as my pre-treatment scan showed there are more tumours in my abdomen wall that hadn’t been seen before properly. This means I am now stage 4 and the original treatment plan of radio therapy and weekly chemo won’t work. Instead I will be having 18 weeks of chemo (3 different types) which started last week. Hopefully this will work well enough that we can revisit the chance of radio therapy or something else.

It’s taken me a while to get my head round the news but now just focusing on the fact they are still hoping to cure. I’ve told them to throw everything at me and be as aggressive as they can as determined to beat this.

Thanks for all your continued support and messages on here. Hope everyone is doing well this week no matter where on their journey they are x

Congratulations on having the best name :joy:

Unfortunately I’ve now been bumped up to stage 4 so things have changed quite a bit in the past week but keeping positive and upbeat. I had my first chemo last week and was rough for a few days but now feeling so much better. How did your first session on Tuesday? x

Dear Laura,

What horrible news for you, but we are with you and you are right - treat it aggressively and keep positive, because ladies DO beat stage 4. How horrible that you have tumours in your abdomen - when it comes to the radiotherapy they will blitz your whole abdomen area, but in the meantime the aggressive chemo sounds really positive. Yes, you’ll likely lose your hair, but keeping everything crossed that you lose those tumours along with it. Glad you got through your first week - the regime is daunting at first but you’re going to get used to it and you’re going to crack it! :+1:t3::kissing_heart:

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That’s the attitude I’m taking, I’ve heard other ladies on here that have beaten stage 4 and determined to be with them. They did warn me my hair will fall out quite quickly but as long as the tumours get going as well, I really don’t care!

The last few days have been rough but I did also have a bad reaction to morphine tablets so that didn’t help. Feeling good today and on a new pain relief so onwards and upwards x

Ah yes, I’m allergic to morphine, so they have to use other ‘means’. You can crack this, Laura - we’re all rooting for you. Rock that bald look with some bright earrings, lippy and a neck scarf!

It’s shocking how many people are allergic to it but the new tablets seem to work well for the pain so that’s good. I’ve got my hair scarfs ready for action!

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So proud of you!
I was told by a doctor that a positive attitude most definatley helps. It gives off signals for a hormone that helps cells with healing.

Much love :heart:

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Hi Laura, I’m so sorry you have had such a terrible week but you definitely have the right attitude!
The chemo I was having was for a trial and unfortunately due to the reaction ms I had with it I couldn’t continue so am starting chemorads on Monday, am hoping that chemo agrees with me!
I get you about the hair as with the initial chemo mine did start but there are so many wonderful scarves etc out there, I’m sure you will look fabulous!
Mark off each of those weeks on your calendar and it will be a reminder of how strong you are, and as Shammy said keep the positivity going!
Love and a virtual hug xx

You have such a positive attitude Laura, wishing you all the best healing vibes, keep your vision of being cured every day, you can get there!

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I’ve just been reading your posts about the trial - you must feel so proud that you managed to help shape research during this awful time, which will help so many women in the future.

Lots of luck for Monday and let us know how you get on x