Treatment preparation

Knowing what to expect definitely helps - despite last time being rough I’ve still found myself a lot less anxious with this round as I know it might be a bit rubbish but I also know I’ll get through it. Plus, lorazepam helps :joy:

You’re totally right about the waltzer sensation, that’s exactly how I get, too! It’s not entirely unpleasant in some respects but I prefer to have my faculties intact during the day so avoiding it where possible. I would definitely recommend trying it at night, though - it really helps me drop off and stay asleep. See how you go.

Well done for being a bloody trooper - let us know how your last couple of days of treatment go. Thinking of you. Take care xx

Just off the phone from my Dr who has confirmed the Radiographers report of my PET scan confirms that my nodes are indeed clear and there isn’t any other nasty surprises anywhere. She also confirmed that theyve started on my treatment plan.

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Hooray! That’s great news @Shammy716 - no node involvement is really positive. Onward!

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That’s fantastic news. Everything is falling into place you’ll be getting your treatment before you know it!!

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I hope everyone is doing well…

No word yet on a treatment date. Its only been a week since the planning scan but goodness me it feels like so long.

I know I should have more patience, I suppose being off work isn’t helping. :roll_eyes:

Hi Shammy

Think it was about 10 days after planning scan that I heard about treatment dates so you shouldn’t much longer to wait.
I had my final 2 brachytherapy treatments yesterday and Wednesday got hone last night about 6 slept really well took one oxycodone long acting painkillers. Have taken nothing since feeling pretty good no pain just a bit tired.

I’m not going to lie lying flat on your back is tough my back was killing me got painkillers which helped. The part everyone dreds is the removal. I didn’t find it too bad it’s not pleasant but a few deep breaths and it was done.

Consultant said my tumour had reduced after the external radiotherapy and chemo so that was good. Fingers :crossed_fingers:the brachytherapy will sort the remainder out. I have adenocarcinoma and its a bit of a slow burner to get rid of so getting news of a reduction was good.

I have to have another scan in December but for now it’s rest and recuperation.

Shammy if I can get through it at 55 you’ll have no problem :blush: Good luck.

Any questions give me a shout xx

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Oh brilliant @AMF ! I bet you’re relieved! You handled that like a pro!

These adenocarcinoma things are pesky little buggers! I’m sure that Brachy will wipe it out!

So pleased to see someone else get through it.


Yes glad it’s all over but to be honest I have had very few side effects a little bit of heartburn and that’s about it.

The brachy was the most difficult but that was due to lying flat on your back and not moving for 36 hours which caused back pain I had no other pains and the actual treatment I felt nothing it’s just the same as the internal radiotherapy you don’t feel anything. No bladder or bowel issues so far.

Get plenty of rest as the treatment does tire you out.

Take care xx

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That’s reassuring! I was complaining about having to lie still for an hour before the PET scan :woman_facepalming:

I have an old horse riding injury in my tailbone area so that’s why I get sore. The only thing I know about my brachytherapy is that it involves General anaesthetic as it was mentioned with reference to Covid test done before hand.

I hope I can get through as well as you did. It’s worth it all in the end!
I suppose I should take the opportunity to relax myself just now. It’s hard though. The house has been cleaned to within an inch of its life.

Different hospitals have different procedures. I am in Edinburgh and the process here is
First session treatment on Friday you have a genetic anesthetic about 8am where they insert a sleeve and the brachy rods and a catheter when you wake you you are not allowed to move. You then have ct scan then they plan your treatment. Treatment was about 3.30 and last about 10/15 minutes then they remove the catheter and the rods they leave the sleeve in (you don’t feel the sleeve). Then you go home about 6pm.
Second session you get general anethestic about 8am and they put in the rods and catheter again you are not allowed to move when you wake up. Then you have ct scan and treatment but you don’t have the rods removed you stay in overnight then you have a third treatment the next day then you have everything removed around 4pm and you go home around 6.
Not sure if your hospital will be the same it sounds a lot but you’ll get through it. I bought some audio books and listened to them. I also had my own room for the second session and it had a TV which was good x

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This waiting is is awful, it doesnt help when the Covid cases are so bad our government is asking for military assistance! (Northern Ireland)
It’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow since my planning scan.
Long walk with the dogs this morning and some baking this afternoon to take my mind off it I think .
Hope everyone else is ok