Treatment plan

Got my treatment plan in I have to go on Thursday for my tattoos for my radiotherapy and then will start treatment on the 2nd

Hi leanne  I hope that knowing your plan has helped you. I'm 2 wweeks into my 4 weeks of chemoradiation. I have been doing a daily update in the treatment forum

Finally started treatment. 

It's a bit of a blog telling the daily process,  side effects and emotions. 

It might help you to read it. One of the reasons I did it was before I started I couldn't imagine what I was going to be feeling like through treatment and it scared me, I hoped this might help others. 

I have also found it great to reference back - for instance I have been bleeding so I have been able to look back to see when it started x 

Thinking of you  x x 

Hurrah for you Leanne! I hope having your treatment plan and start date make you feel a bit more settled.

Be lucky :-)

Yes it has my husband said I was looking so much better today and I didn't do as much today I chilled out made me feel better 

Just going to head to the hospital for to get my tattoos for the radiotherapy