Treatment plan

So I got my plan for 4a today

4 weeks radiotherapy with a 3 hour cisplatin in the middle of the week

Followed by 2 lots of bracy.

It doesn’t seem very aggressive for stage 4. Am I panicking u necessarily

Hi Philleepa :-)

I am surprised to read this. You are right, it doesn't sound very aggressive for a 4a. Perhaps the plan is to reassess at four weeks?

Wishing you all the best

Thank you tivoli. That would make sense. 

I suppose I should ask on Tuesday when I go for a scan etc before my treatment starts.

I'm trying not to worry but I think that's impossible.  

They MUST know what they're doing! 

You think all sorts don't you, like what of they don't think it's worth doing so they're not bothering with the strong stuff.

Do they change treatment half way through? 

Ate there different types of cervical cancer that react to different types of drugs?

Hey love.

Trust me, they are giving you the good stuff!! Radiotherapy is the most effective way to kill cervical cancer and the chemo is a small dose as it's been proven to make the radiotherapy work even better. If you are ever given a choice that includes radiotherapy then that's the best. As mine went to my lungs they could only give me chemo and hope it worked (it did) but couldn't give me radiotherapy as I need my lungs to breath! 


They are gonna blast the zombie cancer with basically a nuclear bomb of radiotherapy and it's a very aggressive and effective form of treatment so don't worry.

Love Anna xx

Thank you Anna x 

I spoke to the hospital today. Apparently 4 weeks is standard at christies.

Roll on 4th Jan  x 


That does seem a short time,but they know whats best.

Yes there are different types of cervical cancer,so I suppose

thet will reflect the treatment plan.

All the best with the treatment.

Take care

Becky X

Thank you again Rebecca,  I asked the Dr at christies today and she confirmed that whilst most places do 5 weeks as standard, (name of hospital removed) do 4. She said if it wasn't responsive I would get a higher dose and an extra week. They scan after 3 weeks I think. 

She was very informative.  She did say my tumour was big so I don't know if she was telling me not to get my hopes up or if I'm reading into things. 

I was signing the consent forms so she was mostly telling me about the side effects x 

Just so you know my tumour was 7.5cm at the start of treatment. It had shrunk in half after 3 week and gone completely after Brachytherapy! ! 


You can do it! 


Thank you Anna. I know I post a lot but I think it's cos I want positive experiencesto keep me going

You keep right on posting Philleepa!
We;re all here rooting for you :-D
Be lucky


Hi Philleepa how did your treatment go I am thinking of you and hope it all goes well hugs. Sweatpea/Kumagill

Hi. I've just done 2nd day and so far so good. They say not to expect side effects for a week or so x 

First chemo tomorrow x 


Hope you are ok X 

Hi Philleepa  best wishes for your chemo tomorrow. i was supposed to get my treatmant plan tomorrow but got a call from the hospital to say my MRI results will not be back its frustrating. I will be thinking of you let me know how you get on. xx


Thank you kumagill. A went really well.

Oh I bet you feel really frustrated.  Once you get them though one of those dark clouds above your head should lighten x let us know how you get on x 

What stage are you at kumagill? 

Hi Philleepa I wont find out until Monday what stage I am at fingers crossed its not spread. I hope you are managing your treatment well? Its reassuring that people on here in the same position are giving positive feedback about their experiences. I hope you make a full recovery. I will let you know my stage on Monday. XX Take Care

This forum has been a godsend.  I have asked so many questions and got things out of my head that I just couldn't tell people about 

Hi Anna I am so sorry to hear about your situation with the zombie cancer and all that you have been through. I was diagnosed with CC on the 18th December 2015 and when i went for my MRI results on the 11th Janauary they said it had spread to my Bowel I really wasnt expecting that. I have had symptoms since 2014 but they kept putting it down to the Menapause. I had a Mirena Coil fitted in April 2015 I hameorraged having it fitted and my symptoms were worse afterwards. I went back to the doctors so she booked me in for an Ablation i got an appointment for 18th december for surgery. When i woke up in Recovery they told me i had a Tumour and it was CC and the Mirena Coil had disappeared no sign of it lol I am going into hospital on tuesday for further tests i feel terrified of what they will tell me. I know you would have experienced the same fear of the unknown does it get better when you know? How are you doing you sound so brave and positve? Anna i hope you make a full recovery i will be thinking of you. I send you hugs xxxxxxxxx