Treatment for stage 2b

Hi all...  I'm was diagnosed with cc on 2nd May... After many months of fighting with my Dr who said it was nothing and I was going through the menopause but I knew something wasn't right and the Dr didn't even question cc even though I had had a polyp removed from my cervix the previous march 16... I'm still angry with the Dr's who are playing with women's lives.. I've had normal smears since I was 20. 

Had my mri on Monday 15th May and saw my consultant on Sat 20th May who told me that I have stage 2b it's only just stated to spread outside my cervix... I've been told that I will have a five week course of radiotherapy...  Chemotherapy and brachytherpy... Got upset when they said they would not be operating to remove everything as the most effective way to kill this type is to blast it. 

Just wanted to hear from other ladies who have had this treatment.. Who are going through this treatment.. 

Thank you xx 

Hi Lulu,

i haven't actually had this treatment yet but it looks like we'll be going through it at the same time sadly. I had a punch biopsy back at the end of march which showed cin3 but my gynae thought it was cc so sent me for an MRI and pet scan and finally lletz and eua on the 11th may when I was told it was definitely cc. I saw my oncologist on the 18th who confirmed it fortunately hasn't spread anywhere but one lymph node is affected so my treatment is exactly the same as you. Do you know when you're starting treatment yet? I've got to go for one more scan and my bloods done next week so they can work out my treatment exactly. I've got mixed feelings about starting it, I'm desperate to get rid of this horrible thing inside me but I'm scared that I won't be able to cope with the treatment...I thought I was physically and mentally tough but I haemorrhaged having the lletz so had to stay in hospital because I had a catheter and packing inserted and still haven't got over the trauma of having the packing removed! (I'm trying to laugh about it calling it my magic trick but I have never experienced anything like it, I dread to think what I must have sounded like to the other women on the ward, I'm mortified even thinking about it!). Id therefore be very grateful if anyone could put the treatment into context of how it feels as I think I'd cope better knowing what to expect rather than being completely taken by surprise again. Xxx

Hi Kathryn...  I've got an appointment with my oncologist on Wed 24th..  Don't know what to expect from this meeting...  I've been told that it's not spread to my pelvis or lymp nods it's just started to spread outside the cervix..  I was told that after initial meeting with oncologist there would then be a planning meeting where they decide on dates to start treatment...  I'm hoping to get started soon... Keep me posted on your journey...  It's nice to be able to share feelings with Some one else.. Xxx

Will do, it certainly will be nice to have somebody to share with, I know it's only seeing all the positivity on this forum that's kept me sane and weirdly really calm about the whole thing....we'll be back out the other side and on the post treatment board before we know it! Xxxx

It is nice to be able to share a journey..  And boy I can't wait to post on the post treatment board...  I'm thinking positively and seeing all the posts and wonderful ladies that have had the same and come through the other side has definitely bosted my feelings on it all...  



Hello lulu1970,

i am going through same problem as you. was dx on april 24, cc 2b or early 3. Will have same rx 25 or 27 radiation/ 5 chemo/ barchytherapy and i started rx last week.  Lets' stay positive and fight with this disease. with all of us supporting each other we can do it.

sending you prayers and positive vibes.............


Hi ladies,

I'm new to all this too, i'm sorry that you guys are here, but it's also very comforting to be reading that others have experienced similar over the past few weeks!

Got my stage 2b diagnosis today! They've told me i'm having radio/chemo and brach - no surgery as this would make things more difficult if they did surgery then the radio etc. Everything has happened so quickly... started with a heamorrhage after a smear on 02.05.17, then 2 packing procedures and coloscopy without anaesthetic :( think my head's still getting over that bit. Had MRI & CT which have shown a 6cm mass on my cervix going into my womb and 2 lymph nodes showing CIN3. (I question myself whther this actually makes sense...hopefully it does) Undecided

Currently waiting on information about fertility and possibility of having eggs frozen but still not clear on if it's possible, and what impact it will have on the timescales of treatment starting etc. 

Trying to keep the positive vibes Cool ...still feel like I have no idea what on earth is going on right now! Undecided


Wishing you guys all the best :)

Hi Kam... Nice to hear from you...  I'm going to see my oncologist today.. Don't know what that will involve..  But have been told will have planning meeting after then should start treatment middle of June... Hope the treatment is going well.. How are you feeling??  

Lou xx

Hi bumblebee....  Totally understand how you are feeling.. Everything seems to go quickly and it's a rollercoaster that you just want to get off..  I've found coming on to this fourn website has helped me come to terms with my cancer.. At first when told by the consultant that no operation just radiotherapy chemotherapy and brachytherpy I got so upset as wanted it out of my body but after talking to so many people it's the right treatment for stage 2b...  I've got my appointment with oncologist today so will have more information.. Will keep you posted...  Postivie thinking is the way forward... We need to kick cancer out of out bodies..  Xxxc

Lulu1970 you are so right, i've been lurking on her for a week just trying to work out what was happening but already from what i've seen i can see how it helps people, it's already helped me feel like i'm not on my own. 

Good luck for today! hope your meeting goes ok and you get more info. xxx

Hello Lulu1970, thanks for your reply.

i am doing fine. so far had 7 rad/2 chemo and feeling good. bit tired by end of day and bit constipation. 

so how did you appointment go? 

just stay positive and we will fight this disease all together......sending hugs to you and all of you brave ladies


Hi Kam...  Glad to hear that you're treatment is going as well as it can...  My appointment went really well my oncologist is a lovely man and explained everything step by step it wasn't rushed.  I'm having 5 weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy then 2 weeks of brachytherpy..  Just want to get started now ..ive got a planning meeting on 01/06/17 then I've been allowed to go on my holiday the following week as it takes two weeks to plan treatment.. Then hopefully start on 19th June... 

Positive thoughts all the way and all of us strong ladies will beat this.. 

Hugs to you all xxx 

Hello Lulu1970, Wish you all the good luck and wishes for your treatment. So far i am doing well. on my halfway treatment so far so good besides few sideeffects...........taking it fully positive and strongly............2 more wks to complete my chemo and radiation and then 4 brachy per md. 

love and hugs to all ...........praying all for you