Treatment for CIN 2/3

Hello all! I am new to this forum. I had a colposcopy today and they gave me local anaesthetic and took a biopsy as I had the visual signs of abnormal cells and my nurse said she is fairly confident it was CIN 2, but it could be CIN 3. Obviously I now have the quite anxiety-inducing wait to find out for sure from the results of the biopsy, however she did explain the two treatment options, which basically sounded like the wait and see method where I do nothing but have a colposcopy and biopsy every six months to see if the cells progress/regress, or the LLETZ, which she said they try not to recommend to younger patients due to the various side effects and possible impact it could have on pre-term labour etc… I’m not obsessed with the idea of the wait and see method as it seems worrying, but was wondering what other people have decided and if they’re happy with their decision? I’m 26, for reference, and would definitely like to have children in the future.

Which hpv type you have? 16/33/18/45?

They didn’t say… I suppose I’ll need to wait for my formal results to find that out…

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I think till 25-26 with cin2 they don’t treat but they do watch and wait for a year to see if it will regress. But if it is cin3 you need to do the lletz. The type of HPV is a very important indicator for the next steps. For cin 2 with HPV 16/18 they treat immediately but for any other high risk HPV they wait for a year.

@mollyc I had high risk HPV with cell changes last year, colposcopy & biopsies done, a bit different to you as mine was only CIN1 at that point & I’m 45 so no worries about fertility. You need to do what’s right for you unless they’re strongly recommending a particular course of action, in which case I’d take their advice. I’ve been on the watch and wait pathway for a year & just had my follow up smear, I wasn’t overly thrilled about waiting for a year but tried to content myself with knowing that testing too soon could give a less accurate result. Good luck & let us know how you get on. x