Treatment for 1a1

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry if this sounds like I'm blowing things out of proportion. Everyone keeps telling me what great news it is and that I'm lucky. I know that in once sense but it doesn't stop me from feeling horrendous. I only found out yesterday. The Dr said it was less than 1mm and had been removed by the loop. No further treatment planned just another smear in 3 months. I'm just confused as I saw someone on here with same diagnosis but had been offered a hysterectomy just to be sure. I'm also wondering why they haven't done any other scans to check spread in other areas. I don't know whether to get a second opinion. I'm just getting myself so wound up wondering whether they have really removed everything and wondering what the chances of recurrence are. Made the big mistake of reading another forum and it was horrendous. Feel sick. I know it's 1a1. I just can't seem to be rational. Anyone else had similar feelings or got any thoughts on treatment? Xx 



Hey and welcome. No need to be rational, you received a cancer diagnosis I think being irrational is quite alright. Wether it's 1a1 or in my case 2b is really not relevant because at the end of the day it's formal staging of the one disease we all dread to hear. However, with 1a1 and the loop (lletz) they would have ensured they have clear margins and that there was no cancer cells on the very outside of your biopsy from the lletz. The chance of spread from such minimal invasion I'd say are close to zero and that's the same for reoccurrence. It is great news it's been caught so early, congratulations that it's all gone now, but give yourself to process it all and come to terms with it and then have a wee celebration :)).


Charlene xx

Hi there, and welcome :-)

I would think that a hysterectomy 'just to be sure' for a growth of less than 1mm which has been completely removed by the loop would be way over the top. If I had been able to get away without a hysterectomy I'd be much happier. You have another smear test in three months and they are going to monitor you to make sure it doesn't return. You'll be fine.

Somebody recently posted an explanation about risk of spread with tiny growths and if I knew where to find it I'd show it to you. But it was an analogy with the fire brigade which went along the lines of 'if they have put the fire out in this room, and stuck their heads round the doors of all the adjoining rooms and seen no hint of fire, they aren't going to go looking in far-flung parts of the building.'

I hope that helps

Be lucky :-)



Sorry for you're diagnosis. I was diagnosed same as you, had the LLETZ with clear margins. I've had a hysterectomy but that was my choice. I'm 39, no kids & never wanted them. I know this plays a part re treatment. 

Congrats in being cancer free! Xxx

Thank you so much for the kind and reassuring words. They are much appreciated. I have calmed down a lot now and am feeling much more rational. I guess it's just difficult having it hanging over you and wondering what if. I hope that you are all doing well. Thanks again :) xxx