Treatment finished and scared

So my treatment finished on Friday and I’m now feeling scared and anxious.

i was staged 1b1 with 2 lymph nodes involved.

im so scared it has already spread everywhere else.

i had a radical hysterectomy and the lymph nodes were found in pathology after surgery meaning I had to complete chemorads. 6 chemo and 28 rounds of radiation.

the oncologist keeps telling me we were doing treatment to prevent a reoccurance. 

I just keep wondering what if it had already spread to other lymph nodes before treatment started.


i hate this new life!

First of all congrats in finishing your treatment.   A  huge milestone and you have done it.  Take some credit for being a brave fighter to have gone through it all and come out the other end.    You now need some rest and time to recover your body and mind.   Your body will recover with time, the mind is a totally different ball game.  I know what you mean about hating this new life.    Took me ages to accept it.   All I wonted was for the doctors to tell me " there you go all better now go get on with your life".   This bloody cancer is not that easy no one can ever give you the reassurace that it will never come back.   Just as no one can tell you that you are never going to get it to start with.    It is a mind game that you are going to have to come to terms with and not let it rule your life.  Remember they will keep a close watch over you every three months for the first two years then every six months for the next two.     There are also experts that can help you with councilling, alot of the ladies here have found this very helpful.    Time will tell you if this is right for you.

So Kimberly take time recover, heal and be kind to yourself  XXX

Hi Kimberley 

i could’ve posted this myself! I was 2b with no Lymph nodes I was treat with Chemorads too. Finishing up on the 24th June this year. 

I had my first post treatment MRI on the 5th September and won’t get my results until the 18th and i’m Absolutely petrified.

you aren’t on your own and we are all right here behind you! 

We so have this and can cope with whatever the future throws at us!

love and hugs 



i could have posted this myself, well actually I did a few posts before yours! I finished around 5 weeks ago. Like you I’m in limbo waiting to see if it’s gone. Like you I just want to be told it’s gone. 

I’m with you all the way. I have good days and bad days. The corro storyline was enough to bring us down last week. I saw my nurse on Friday and I had a breakdown. She said your too busy worrying about the future your not enjoying the present. Which is true! So this weekend I’ve enjoyed moments with my kids and cooked pancakes and been on walks. It’s helped. 

Keep busy and let’s fight this!

lots of love xx

Kimberly, I finished treatment a little over a month ago and feel the same way. I was 1b2 but they found a pelvic lymph node with cancer in it so they restaged me to stage 3. I have my pet scan in November to see if it’s all gone.sometimes I feel alone with my fears but then I realize there’s people going through the same thing and feeling the same way. I think and hope it will get better in time for us, I think after we get our first scan out of the way confirming everything worked it will get easier. Good luck , and your not alone!