treatment day 2

Hi all,

Finally started my treatment yesterday. I've been knackered since (to the point where I struggled to get up and have fallen asleep on the sofa earlier and I am going to bed in a mo) and also nauseous.  Bit sad as I was hoping to have a bit of time without side effects as it's hard for me to look after my lg when I am shattered.

Not a lot to say really!  

Hi Sweet pea

I was exactly the same.  I had horrid sickness which they took a while to get under control but they did and i got through it.  Everyone is different and some people react  better than others to the treatment in regards to side effects.  you feel what you feel and you will do it!


Sorry to hear you're suffering side effects already. It sounds trite but try to keep the positive thought that in the long run, this will give you a better future with your LG x

Big hugs echo what ladies say above. Maybe tiredness is a number of things stress at work, build up to starting treatment etc. maybe a bit of time and your body will adapt.  Get plenty of rest when you can. Perhaps could you get help to do household jobs. I am paying a friend to come and do some cleaning. xxxxx

Big hugs Sweet pea, so sorry you're having a rough ride


Be lucky :-)

Hi Sweet Pea,

So sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it already,  every type of chemo is different and has different effects on individuals.

I was told by one of the nurses that if you suffered from morning sickness or travel sickness, there was a good chance that you would suffer from nausea / sickness during chemo. I don't know how true or accurate that is.


Take the sickness meds they give you, and do try to keep up with your fluids as they help flush the toxins of the chemo through your liver and kidneys. and stop you getting constipated. 

Hopefully the side effects settle down, and you start to feel a bit better very soon, it's hard enough without having to look after your Daughter and worrying about that.

Big hugs, stay strong & positive,


Feisty xxx