Treatment (children mentioned)

Hi am just looking for some advice from lady's who have or had 2b cc I am having 5 wks rads and chemo once a week for 5 wks and breach treatment just wondering what to expect during treatment am feeling very low today and tiered mind you I do have a 6 month old baby who is teething any advice would be great thanks x


I'm sorry I can't answer your query as I am awaiting staging but I just wanted to stop by & wish you good luck.  You'll get through it hunni xxx

Aww thank you xx


I had your treatment, the radiotherapy is fine, but tiring as the weeks go on, the chemo I was really ill, but changed anti sickened to emend and fairs much better. I had a central PICC line as my veins are rubbish which made getting bloods much easier. it is manageable , but do take your rest if you can, the internal was another thing at the end, but again manageable.  good luck

Hi, I had 28 rads, 5 chemos and 3bracys for 1B2. Rads were manageable, just starting drinking as early as you can to get your bladder full and keep hydrated. With chemo take the antisickness tablets every couple of hours rather than if you think you need them. Also do not make any plans as you won’t have the energy and it will just drain you, so sleep/rest as often as your baby allows. Finally with brachy just be honest with any discomforts as they can keep on top of pain meds. Speak to your oncology nurse with any issues or concerns, I feel like there isn’t anything I’ve not spoke to mine about (going to the toilet, diet, feeling down, concerns, sex, work etc). Best of luck, message me if you have any questions xx

Can I just ask how long you waited for treatment to start after being staged I go and get marked up on Thursday then treatment starts in the next 2 weeks thay asked if I would like to do a trail for 6 weeks first interlace it's called I have been thinking about doing it but I have 4 children the youngest being 6 months old and I don't no how I would cope with the treatment x

Hi Cvs,

I see you started another thread with the same title so it's just linking through to this one. However, I have found that if I hover my mouse over that other thread I can read your first paragraph, in which you seem to be asking if two weeks is a long time to wait for treatment to begin. No, two weeks is not a long time to wait for treatment to begin. For some people it is only just enough time to get ready; getting time off work, sorting out child-minding, just getting prepared mentally, all that sort of thing.

I hope it all goes really well for you :-)

Be lucky