Treatment change

Hi Ladies, looking for some info. I was getting chemo and radio but due to it adding to my health problems chemo had to stop. Has anyone had just radiotherapy at same stage ? Im thinking it could lesson my chances. None of my team have spoken to me about it, nor can i get hold of anyone for some answers. Thanks :heart:

Hi Lesley,

I was stage 2B and had to stop chemo for other pre-existing health reasons. I had radiotherapy and 3 sessions of brachytherapy and so far Ned. Finished treatment July 2021.

I’ve had my fair share of bowel problems and now a pelvic insufficiency fracture but I’ll take those over reoccurrence any day. I di wonder sometimes if I may have increased my chances of cancer coming back but so far all is good.

Good luck with your treatment. At the end of the day you have to do what is right for you and from what I understand the radiotherapy and brachytherapy are the more primary treatments.



Hey chick, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I managed to get through all my chemo miraculously but I then couldn’t have the brachytherapy which i think is treatment going all guns blazing at the bugger. I think the radiotherapy is the main treatment, and the chemo boosts it ( I still don’t really understand it all!). Please don’t feel deflated about not having the chemo, my cns was surprised I did as apparently lots of people have complications and can’t have heave the full 5 weeks xxx


I had my chemo dose lessened due to hearing issues, and was pretty worried about it. My doctor reassured me that the treatment is almost entirely “radiation forward” meaning that it is doing the brunt of the work, and that they wouldn’t compromise my treatment if they weren’t confident it would still work. Made me feel better, and hopefully you too.

Hi @Wolfiewolf , thanks for your reply, thats fantastic to here your Ned, congratulations and well done on Finnish your treatment. I have in my head that radio alone wont budge cancer, and lessons my chances of getting rid of it. you were in same position and can offer better outlook than my thinking which im very grateful for, how many chemo did you have ? I just wish someone would explain these things to me ,Thank you im feeling more hopeful now about treatment x

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Hi Lesley

I had one chemotherapy session and it was always questionable from the start because of hearing problems. Probably like you at the moment, I agonised for quite some time as to whether to continue but I made my decision to stop. Oncologist at the time did assure me she had other women who had not had chemotherapy and treatment was successful. (Obviously throwing everything at cancer is best but that’s not possible for everyone)

I hope this information might help you decide and I wish you all the very best. This is a difficult time for you but be strong and soon you will get to the end and can start recovery. xx


Hi, im much same dont understand it all, just felt that chemo was big part of it, so now worried the cancer will stay or spread more, just wish the team would have chatted it over with me. X

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Hi, im glad to hear your doctor and team discussed things with you. None of my team seem to want discuss anything with me, apart from saying chemo has to stop over phone. Im same its hearing problems, cant seem get buzzing to stop for 5 mins . It most certainly makes me feel better reading this thank you x

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Hi, i instantly had hearing problems since starting chemo plus many others, continuously buzzing high pitched sound so consultant decided to stop chemo after 2 nd treatment , some nurse called to tell me. I just wish they would discuss things with me and answer my questions, as that would have made me feel at ease. So glad i found this group, as id be in limbo without it, and all you lovely knowledgeable women. Thank you x

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Has anyone ended up with sciatica from radiotherapy? Feel like my body falling apart just now :joy:

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I have! I had the worse nerve pain in my back last week it was doing spasms and I got stuck on the loo! It’s gone off again now!
1 more radiotherapy to go tomorrow and my 5 weeks is complete
I have only had 3 chemo sessions due to various reasons and I have been reassured radiation is the main player in this :pray::pray:

Hi @Coco17 , thought it was just me :joy: omg you seem worse than me tbh, the spasms are god awful i struggled get on n off radiotherapy table yesterday, hoping today is better, terrified incase i get spasm whilst getting radio. Im glad to hear that you have been reassured by your team, replys on here have brought comfort to my overthinking brain. . Congratulations on your last radiotherapy, well done you :tada: im only on my 3rd week so 3 more weeks to go x

Are you having brachytherapy too?

I’m counting that as something different and tomorrow as my last day in this block of shite! Will be having a cocktail tomorrow whether I feel like one or not!

Hi @Coco17 , yes having bracky too, dreading it tbh, mine seem be in-between radiotherapy :pleading_face: haha quite rightly too hope you enjoy wee :cocktail: x