Treatment and nausea for recurrent cervical cancer



I started chemo and radiotherapy last Monday (14/09/15) for recurrent cervical cancer ,  and the nausea has hit me already , the anti sickness meds don't really help that much and I'm thinking if this is only week 1 is it going to get worse ? , My treatment is over the next 5 weeks , if anyone has  any advice with regards to nausea I would be really grateful. 



Many thanks 

I just wanted to send you a big hug. I am not sure I am sure someone else will come along soon with some better advice. I do recall someone saying to ask for better anti sickness tablets. I think you have to be strong and demand to be taken notice of unfortunate, as otherwise they give you the basic ones.  

I really hope it all goes well for you  Xxx


Just to let you know this seems to happen to most of us undergoing treatment, ask for your anti-sickness meds to be changed to EMEND it is brilliant I also found peppermint tea was very useful along with a good ginger biscuit.  Ii could be a bit of trial and error to begin with but stick at it and do let the medics know about your sickness I am sure you will find they do not want you to suffer at all.

Keep your chin up there is a lot of help on this site xx

Definitely Emend!

Be lucky :-)

This happened to me too! I found Cyclizine really good and also Lorazopam! 


I suffered really badly with sickness and I became really really poorly they thought the cancer had spread at one point as I was so ill I couldn't physically walk as I was being sick so much so I ask that you please phone the hospital ASAP or mention it at your review which ever is sooner as with you having treatment each week it builds up in your system and from experience the sickness gets worse. I have had many diffrent anti sickness tablets and the only things that worked for me where the injections that the district nurse came out and gave me and a tablet which you take the minute you feel sick (or take it at the stated times throughout the day as I did so I didn't have the feeling) I can't remember what it's called as I've been give that many pills!

There is also a tablet I've been give but not had to use where you don't swallow it you put it between your gum and lip and it dissolves so it doesn't hit your stomach as tablets would make my sickness worse as it was empty - your doctor will know what's best to give you.

Please don't put up with it though i did and I've lost so much weight I'm skin and bones and it's so hard to put the weight back on cus I can't eat as much as my stomach has shrunk so much - you need all your energy yo fight this (sorry to go on)

Thank you for your replies 

I've really been struggling with the nausea , I was prescribed Emend but didn't really help , at my last review my consultant said " he was struggling to help me" and left it at that for me to just carry on , last weekend was so bad I couldn't get out of  bed , I went for my chemo on Monday and walked on to the ward sobbing I felt so ill , I saw a different doctor who gave me IV Cyclizine which really helped and tablets to take home , they have really helped a lot but I still feel very sick but not as bad as before . I see my consultant again tomorrow and am going to ask about IV Cyclizine daily if this is possible , 

thanks again for the replies all advice is much appreciated

Nov 2013 stage 1b1 Adenocarcinoma , radical hysterectomy no other treatment .

April 2015 - routine CT showed ovarian  cyst told by consultant " it looked ok " 

July 2015 -  left ovary and cyst removed Advised was actually cervical cancer reoccurence 

14/09/15 - started chemo / radiotherapy , no plans for brachytherapy as consultant says will not benefit due to where the cancer came back . 

Hi Greeni

I had the same problem. The meds just weren't working and I ended up having the Cyclizine constantly fed into my system via a medicine driver which goes into your arm under the skin and slowly releases the drug over 24 hours. I had a district nurse come daily to my house to top up the medication. I had it in conjunction with dexamethozone in the mix and it did help.

I will again say to try Lorazopam.  I was getting very distressed and they gave me this to 'calm me down' and it helped with the sickness! When I said that the Dr at the hospital said "oh we used to use lorazopam as our anti sickness meds in the old days before all these new drugs!'. Bam! I got it prescribed me for the duration of treatment and in conjunction with the Cyclizine on the driver it sorted out my sickness. 

Worth a try asking!! 

Anna xx