i went for a meeting with m consultant esterdat and the told me the werent going to do a hsterectomy but will gove me 25 radiotherap, 5 chemotherapy and three brachtherapy. but the didnt give me a stage. i have an eua and a pet scan this week. is this normsal ? are the looking for something? thanks anni

This  is very  normal  i had a mri scan  pet scan  n chest  xray hope  this  helps 

Hi sounds similar to what's happened to me...I was initially told it would be a hysterectomy hen after my MRI and ct I was told it would be chemorad and now again they've changed it after my eua and pet and told me I'm going to have a hysterectomy! It's a little un Nerving to not know what direction your going to be going in but I'm sure they will decide on the right treatment and what's best for be prepared that they may still change their minds after your pet and eua

lots of luck 

Kay x

Hi Anni :)

Yes, that sounds normal. I think everyone who is diagnosed has at least one type of scan (MRI/PET/CT) and then a physical examination under anaesthetic. 

I panicked when I had to go for a chest x-ray as I thought my scans/other tests must have indicated spread but I was told that that is routine also if you are going to be having an operation.


Hi anni

so, because one of your lymphnodes showed up on the MRI they will automatically send you straight to chemorad. As for your staging, they are doing the eua to do the clinical staging to compare it to the scanning staging which you don't usually know about because they use both to finalize what exactly your stage is. The pet is to make sure no other lymphnodes are or not effected to detirmine the plan for where the radiation has to focus on the most.  Hope that helps.