Treament starting tomorrow

Hi everyone


Thank you to all those who've already responded with words of support and advice to my previous posts. I've not posted on here for a while as I've taken a deliberate decsion to avoid ANY

websites that have content relating to cancer, whether they be supportive, like this one or otherwise. I've that found in my case, it just triggers my worrying off- so apologies if I haven't 

responded to anyone that has left a reply to my previous posts. I've been keeping busy, healthy and focussing on my children in the run up to treament starting (kick off is tomorrow!)...

However, if anyone has any practical tips or suggestions for coping with either chemotherapy or radiotherapy, i'd be thrilled to hear them. 


Lots of love to you all 





Hi Jenny, 

 Sending you big hugs for tomorrow. Radiotherapy is a walk in the park-lie still and its over in a jiffy. Make sure you have simple soap and use plenty of aqueous cream to help prevent your skin getting sore.

Chemotherapy, I've found it ok. It's a long day, take a picnic and plenty to drink. Take a friend, or plenty to keep you busy. Be prepared to spend lots of time in the loo because of all the fluid they fill you with. I had to stop twice on my way home on my first week. If you feel ill let them know.

I've got 3 more radiotherapy left, then onto the internals, I'm tired, but if I rest I can get out and do stuff, upset tum kicked in in the second week, stock up on the Imodium. Got a touch of radiation cystitis recently, but between sachets, cranberry juice and painkillers I'm coping. My tastes have changed, but my family have made sure I've kept eating, if you fancy it have it, it's all about keeping your energy levels up.

It will go faster than you imagine and your weekends will become even more precious, those two days off go so fast!

Good luck

Hi Jenny

Good luck with your treatment.... one thing I would add to Baylees advice, is make sure you drink lots of water ... it really does help....

Good luck


Im 29 years old and was diagnosed on 1st august after finding out i was pregnant. We had to make the decision to end the pregnancy as the doctor wanted to srart treatment asap.Ive just startest treatment for stage 1b2 CC. Ive had 3 radiotherapy treatments and one chemo so far.. The chemo was a long day but actually very interesting understanding what each thing does. So far im just tired but no other side effects as of yet but I know it can take time to effect people. My only advice is keep an eye on your waterworks as I started having problems weeing and ended up needing a catherta. Theyre hoping to remove it monday so fingers crossed and all the best to everyone with your treatments xx