Travelling them finding out I have High grade Dyskaryosis


I have just come over to Australianto travel and I am in my second week now bout my mum received my results back home in the UK and rang me and told me my results which are that I have abnormal cells and that I have High grade Dyskaryosis.


What do I do next? Do I fly home to the UK to get this sorted or can I get it treated over here in Australia, bare in mind I am living in hostels sharing rooms with a few people.


i need some advice please? 




Going all the way home again seems a little excessive! Do you have travel insurance and have you had an abnormal smear before? If not, treatment may be covered as they couldn't argue preexisting as you would have been unaware of any abnormality. I'd give that a bash before booking your return flights :) 

Emma x


Absolutely, try the insurance and then go see a GP in Australia, they likely have a similar smear scheme so would be able to advise you of the next steps.

Firstly poor you not what you need at all on your holidays. big hugs try to enjoy your time away the treatment has a very very high success rate like 95%. 

I would definitely try to get treatment whilst you are over in Austrailia as I had no discomfort hardly any bleeding literally nothing and went for a meal out the same day I had it done. Could you check out your insurance or local doctors to see what your options are. Xx

ps stick to this website for advice and stay away from American websites, in my experience anyway. 

People in hostels can be amazing! I did five weeks of chemo-rads in a shared hostel room. The kindness of strangers is one of the best lessons of world travel :-)

Be lucky :-)


How do I go about this in Australia?

Google private doctors near me and go see them first or do I call my insurance first? I haven't a clue what to do here.



Tania x

Hi Tania

Working in medical insurance, I would definitely recommend you call your insurance first. They can let you know if it is covered and whether you have to use a certain hospital or not. They can usually help you find a doctor too. They can also contact them to arrange to pay bill for you.