travelling abroad after cancer

Hi everyone,

I just have a few quick questions with regards to travel. I finished treatment on the 17th Dec (5xchemo, 4xbrachy and 25xradio) and I have a holiday booked for 21st feb. I originally had it booked for 16th nov but had to move it when I was diagnosed. I have my first follow up on the 19th of feb with my consultant but I’m not sure if that will give me enough time to prepare if I need to get anything in particular for going away. So I guess my question is do I need anything in particular for going abroad? I’m aware my skin may be more sensitive and plan on using a good factor 50 sun cream but I wonder if I need to stay completely covered or wear flight socks etc? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

There's not much information here. It seems you are going somewhere sunny and in February that probably means further than the North coast of the Mediterranean, so a reasonable distance flight. If you were going somewhere that has a hole in the ozone layer then I'd probably suggest you stay well covered but I'd say that whether or not you had recently finished chemo-rads. Can you speak with your CNS? Or Macmillans? And tell them where you are going and for how long? Whether you plan to lie on a beach all day or traipse around tourist attractions?

Be lucky :-)