Travel Insurance

I was diagnosed with 1B1 CC in August 2015 and was successfully treated with a radical hysterectomy in October.
As a treat, I’ve booked two holidays this year - a 4 day girls holiday to Spain in July and then I am taking my children to Florida in August.
Following my CC, I understand that travel insurance will be a bit of a minefield…does anyone have any recommendations?
Thanks xx


Good for you!  

As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer my bank insurance with Halifax paid my cancellation claim but then changed the policy to exclude all pre-existing conditions.

I went on the cancer research web-site and they suggested quite a few different products.  So far I have only travelled within Europe so brought an annual policy through All Clear that cost about £80 (Europe only) and carried my EHIC card.

In the US you definitely need medical expenses insurance that covers all declared conditions including the cancer as costs are extremely expensive if anything should go wrong.  E.g. If you had a blood clot whilst flying insurers may refuse to pay if they found out this 'may be related' to the earlier surgery unless they agree up front to cover cancer.

Ideally it is best to get a family product with the same insurer.  I am sure this won't happen but if you needed further treatment and had to cancel your holiday, you would want to claim the cost of your whole family (not just yours)

Also.... Don't forget to check with your consultant that he is happy for you to travel before you book anything.

I hope this helps 






There was something circulating on Facebook earlier this year about affordable travel insurance, it was via a website called - I can’t vouch for it as not used it, but definitely worth looking into.

Hope that helps.


How bizarre Jade!

One of my friends on Facebook has shared that exact post on Facebook this morning! I will look into it.

Thanks for the information Anita. I will have a look at the Cancer Research site x

Hi, I would def give insurance a try as I used them in October And found them really good. The price was amazing compared with all of the other quotes and I tried loads of insurance companies most of whom wouldn't cover me at all or were really expensive.

I was just about to put about them as it popped up on my Facebook too! Let me know if they're any good as I too am planning two holidays this year :-)

Hi, I have used Insurancewith a few times now for Florida and they were brilliant and by far the cheapest, but I found AllClear to be cheaper for Europe! I can recommend both companies.


Sue x