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We have booked a family holiday to Majorca in May and are currently trying to arrange Travel Insurance - not sure yet whether single trip or annual cover.

I'm having a nightmare reading the small print for cancer / pre-existing medical conditions.  I am concerned that if I do not mention my cancer that even unrelated claims may be refused.

Does anyone have any advice regarding how to select cover or have any recommendations for companies who will insure cancer patients?

I am in remission and had treatment (radical hysterectomy) for 1B1 in Sep 2013.

I guess I may have to let my husband and children have one policy and I may need a more specialist policy...

I fractured my shoulder in the shower last week, so want to ensure I am covered in case I should have another accident :o)


Kirsty x



Hello there.  When you start to price around for travel insurance, it will scare tha pants off you!!  I finished treatment last July and booked  to go to my niece's villa in Portugal in August.  The flights cost £300 return for me & my husband plus luggage - my insurance cost me £296 for 1 week!!.  That was the cheapest cover I could find - I was quoted from £296 right up to £700 !  again that was for only 1 week - they wouldn't take me on for annual insurance.

However - I have since learned that you can get 'normal' priced insurance if you declare your illness but exclude it.  That means they will cover you for everything a normal (no pre-existing condition)  person is covered for. They take on board that you have had cancer (or other pre-existing medical conditions) and you can claim for  all other illnesses, accidents, luggage etc etc but not anything that is directly related to your condition.  

This year, I am able to get insurance, declaring my ''pre-existing medical condition'' through Barclays where I bank, for about £69 for an annual policy.  I'm just about to go ahead & take on the policy as I am going away in May again to Portugal.  

If I had known this was possible last year I would not have  wasted £300 when in my case nothing was going to arise from my having had cancer.  My surgery went well and I've more or less recovered physically - still some side effects, but (sorry if it's too much info) my bladder, bowels, kidneys etc are working well and I don't forsee a problem arising when I'm on holiday.  I had no issues whatsoever when I was in Portugal only a month after my treatment.  

I will look up the company I booked with last year if you want this info, just let me know.



I will also begoing away (think its good to get a change of scenery !!) and it will be 4 weeks after my treatment finished.  I currently have an annual policy and due to the CC I have made 3 claims for flights I had booked for Dec, Jan and Feb and so was not looking forward to the premuim increase when I called them.  So yesterday I 'bit the bullet' and called them (the bank insure via AXA) and went through some questions etc... and to my surprise the annual insurance premium increase was £108 and the cancer / related issues are all covered. 

I don't know how they would assess a new customer, but maybe AXA can help ??

Have a good time....



i have insurance through my bank and when i told them i saw no increase, i had just declared it.  i think it was treated surgically and convined to cervix that it is deemed a lower insurance risk.

i also broke my shoulder a few weeks ago, it never ends eh!


Hi Kirsty

when I was diagnosed in 2012 i had to claim on my insurance through my bank. They paid up but I cannot now get cover with them for 5 years

I have used a company called' its so easy' and after a few medical questions got long haul cover for around £40. The main questions were about medication and whether you were still in treatment. You can get a quote online .

Have a lovely holiday

Kath x


Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. Sorry it's been a few days since I've been on the site.  I've been struggling with pain and tiredness from my broken shoulder and am starting a new job in a week so life is pretty hectic at the moment.

I will investigate my bank, Axa and It's so Easy and let you know how I get on...  I felt pretty daunted when I did an Internet search and didn't want to have to keep declaring my cancer over and over again for ludicrious quotes / companies who refuse to provide cover.  So these suggestions are really useful :)

I'm so excited about going away, just hope my shoulder is healed enough and I can actually move my arm enough to swim by then!  My hysterectomy, shoulder accident (slipped in the bath) and my impending 40th birthday have all left me feeling a bit old and broken :( Hopefully a sunny holiday with the family is just what I need!

Pat - hope your shoulder is OK and recovering well.  How did you fracture yours?

Tracey - hope your treatment has gone well and you have a lovely break

Sharon - enjoy Portugal!

Kath - many thanks for the recommendation!

Best wishes

Kirsty x




Hi Kirsty

Sorry to hear about your broken shoulder but I just wanted to let you know that I have just got back from a holiday to Burma and I got my insurance through Aviva.  I declared my cervical cancer (Stage 1B2) and that I had finished treatment and I couldnt get an annual cover but I got a single trip for £50.  I must admit i am also an employee so I got a slight discount but it was very reasonable and I did it all on-line.  I got back last week and I feel a lot better for it (I finished treatment last August).  If you want any further details just message me on here but it shouldnt cost the earth to get a single trip cover.  If I can get it for Burma which is the back end of nowhere (apart from Top Gear) then you should get something too.

Hope this helps.

Anna xx


Thanks for the information that's great - sounds very reasonable!

Did you have a good time?  Must be an amazing place to visit!

Best wishes

Kirsty x


Hi Everyone

Sorry to but in but just in case you didn't see my other post, I just wanted to let you know that Macmillan have some fantastic pages on travel insurance that you might find helpful in this matter.

They've got some really helpful advice which you can find here

and a list of brokers that others have recommended here

Hope you all have wonderful and relaxing holidays!

Best wishes



Thank you for the advice, I will take a look....

Best wishes


Thanks Kirsty.  I had an amazing time. It was just what I needed. For the first time in a year I felt like myself again. Because I was so far away from home and all my stress triggers I just really let it all go. Its the first time I think I properly relaxed in ages. I also felt braver and did things I may not have done before such as feeding a bear, going exploring, seeing amazing golden temples and riding an elephant! I've come home and although the 'fear' will always be with me, I feel stronger and felt happy. Go and enjoy yourselves ladies, thats my advice!  Xx

Hi all

Thought I'd follow this up.

I had some truly extortionate quotes but Lloyds bank were very reasonable and were actually cheaper for annual cover than a one off trip.  It cost £70 for me and my family for a whole year.

Well worth exploring although I had to be on 6 monthly checks to qualify.  The cancer was included in the cover.

All the best

Kirsty x