Travel Insurance


We have booked a family holiday to Majorca in May and are currently trying to arrange Travel Insurance - not sure yet whether single trip or annual cover.

I'm having a nightmare reading the small print for cancer / pre-existing medical conditions.  I am concerned that if I do not mention my cancer that even unrelated claims may be refused.

Does anyone have any advice regarding how to select cover or have any recommendations for companies who will insure cancer patients?

I am in remission and had treatment (radical hysterectomy) for 1B1 in Sep 2013.

I guess I may have to let my husband and children have one policy and I may need a more specialist policy...

I fractured my shoulder in the shower last week, so want to ensure I am covered in case I should have another accident :o)


Kirsty x



Hi Kirsty

Your holiday sounds wonderful, I hope you have a great time!

We know that getting travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis can be a real pain so I just wanted to draw your attention to Macmillan's advice on the subject.

They've got some really helpful advice which you can find here

and a list of brokers that others have recommended here

I hope you find this helpful in your search.

Have a wonderful holiday Cool

Best wishes