Travel Insurance - a suggestion...


I’ve just bought travel insurance from Tesco and have to say I am very pleasantly surprised at the cost. They have included cover for anything related to cc which sets my mind at rest. I had 1b stage, hysterectomy in Dec and chemo/radio since, so if you are in a similar position and worried about the cost of insurance, try Tesco.

My policy costs £296.37 but this is annual for 2 adults and 2 kids, it also includes winter sports cover and Worldwide - these normally push the price up signifcantly.

I know it’s still not cheap but I don’t think too bad given the cancer is covered rather than excluded. I guess a one trip Europe only would be much less.

Anyway, they already are recommended on the Cancer Bacup website, I just thought I’d let you all know that they do seem really helpful.

Hope everyone’s seeing some much needed sunshine today, here in Edinburgh it’s been miserable for days and the sun’s just come out.

K x


Thats good to hear!

After having a radical hysterectomy I was told we can’t fly abroad for 3 months. :frowning:

Then I was told that some airlines won’t allow us to fly too soon after this, have you or anyone else heard of this. :?

Obviously our travel insurance will be costly after having cc.

May give Tescos a go when I book my holiday



I wasn’t told about the 3 month ‘ban’ on flying but I suspect that it might be true after any op - the risk of DVT is increased I think.

Hope anyone going off for some sun soon has a lovely time - and for those who aren’t, I hope this rain stops soon!